Friday, January 26, 2007

So what did we do today?

8:15am - Everyone is awake. Chad is getting ready to leave. The girls & I are snuggling in bed. Cailyn eats.

8:34 - Chad leaves. I have to answer "Where's my daddy?" for the first time (with many more times to come throughout the day..)

9:00 - Breakfast. We have a little battle of wills. I win. Carys will NOT have cookies for breakfast. Or marshmallows. Or candy.
We settled on oatmeal. Cailyn eat oatmeal too, but her are flavored with prunes. Mmmmm, yummy.

9:30 - Emma comes. Carys tries to get attention amongst all the babies. First time-out of the day. I cannot even remember what she did now. I'm tired already.

10:30 - Snack. Again, we have a test of wills. She gets an orange. Not cookies. Or candy. Or marshmallows. (I almost caved on the marshmallows - but I didn't. See, I can do this sensible snacking thing.)

11:00 - ABCs and 123s. I recite them to the babies, who are delighted. Carys doesn't really pay attention. So, I try to make a game out of it. She "helps" me unload the dishwasher, but has to tell me the name of each object, and I point out the letters they start with. I sparked a little interest, at least...
Cailyn fights a nap, but finally crashes for 15 minutes.

11:15 - First tea party of the day. With Apple Tea and Almond cookies. (See - we slipped in A)

12:30 - Lunch. Ahhh. Yet another test of wills. She finally settled on a PB&J (hold the J, puh-lease, Mommy!) with grapes and Cheetos. And chocmuk (chocolate milk).

1:00 pm - NAPTIME! Oh, and another little test. She is so tired at this point, and finally gives in around 1:07. This makes me extremely happy. Except Cailyn & Emma both wake up about 3 minutes after Carys falls asleep. I think I got a load of laundry in the washer before their wails got too loud. If memory serves me well, it's still sitting in the washer.

2:35 - Naptime's over for Carys, but it's just beginning for the babies. Carys & I sneak in a little cuddle on the couch & watch a "Carys show".

*Carys Shows
are loosely defined as just about anything that has an animated character or goofy music. They frequently have both, lucky for me. :)

3:00 - Learning time with PlayDoh.
Some may thing we just play with PlayDoh just for the sheer fun of it. And we do. But we also learn. There are many different phonics activities we do with it - and she adores PlayDoh time.
It's one of my favorite times of day, too!

3:15 - Carys & I make cooties (cookies), where she helps me measure & stir.

3:30 - I step in the kitchen to take a batch of cookies out of the oven. Cailyn takes this as a perfect opportunity to eat a part of my Peace Lily. I freak out - they're toxic to dogs - are they toxic to babies? Surely they have to be! I stick my finger down her throat. She pukes. She cries. I feel terrible. Then I see that she has an entire leaf stuck on the roof of her mouth. Each time I stick my finger in to sweep in out, she bites me. OUCH! Those 2 little teeth h-u-r-t!
Everything's okay. Yay.

3:45 - Cailyn eats. Change dipe. Fun stuff.

4:00 - Emma's mommy arrives. Pick-up is always stressful for me because Carys wants attention. She always acts out at pick-up & drop-off. Today, for instance, she decided it was a great idea to stand on top of the Little People Bus. I asked her to stop, twice, and removed her once. She did it yet again - but falls. Bless her heart - she knocks the breath out of herself. She's wailing, but I can't see any visible boo-boos. She's okay, but she's visibly freaking out that she can't catch her breath. A little consoling & she's okay.
But then Cailyn starts crying because her beloved big sister is crying. It's a big cry-fest. I cuddle them both and they're better in no time.
I am really tired. Really, really tired.

4:30 - Load Up. Goin' to Wal-Mart. Then the Mooey Store (Movie Store, aka Blockbuster). She picks out Cinderella, yet again. We should just break down & buy it.

6:00 - We're back. And we're hunny (hungry). I pop the pizza in the oven & make a salad, which is what Carys insisted we have for dinner. Of course, by the time we get home, she has changed her mind. I helped her change it back by showing her what other goodies we get to eat after dinner.
Cailyn eats.

6:45 - Cinderella with icepops. (I highly recommend Philly Swirl Stix - they are VERY yummy.)

7:20 - Cailyn eats yet again, the make a nap.

7:45 - I figure we have a good 20 minutes before Cailyn wakes up, so Carys & I take a shower. Half-way thru, with shampoo in our hair, I hear Cailyn wailing. RushRushRushRush.

8:00 - Playtime upstairs with the girls. Cailyn is so cranky. I don't see red teething cheeks, so I hope her severe crankiness isn't a sign of something worse to come. She is usually so stinkin' happy.

9:00 - Working on the blog. What to write about???
Wait. I just remembered that Chad took the camera with him. The girls will be sleeping soon - and I plan to watch the Devil Wears Prada. Yay for Mommy Time.

I do have a few goodies of Cailyn that I took yesterday though. Enjoy.

I LOVE the chubby rolls. Her little legs are HUGE.

Post-bath Bliss

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