Friday, January 19, 2007

the things that keep me up at night

i watch too much children's tv.
some of it, i can handle.
other shows make my stomach lurch, so i have banned them from my home.
barney, the wiggles, doodlebops, lazytown - hate 'em.

i like blues clues, little bear & franklin (who doesn't love a turtle named franklin???)
but, i have some issues with these shows as well (i realize i should have just left it at: i have some issues)

blues clues: why is joe the only person that can understand what blue says??? why? when blue is in puppet form, she talks REAL words. but in her cartoon firm, she talking blue-gese, i guess. it drives me crazy.

little bear & franklin: i have the same issue with both of these shows, or variations on the same theme. Little Bear (and his immediate family) is the only animal that has a name on the show. the other animals are: duck. owl. cat. mama bear. papa bear.
also, mama & papa bear wear clothes. but no one else does. why? i don't get it.
do they live in a kiddie nudist colony or something?
it's just weird.
and franklin is pretty much the same.
if i'm not mistaken. franklin & his family all have names, but everyone else just goes by duck, bear, owl, etc. too.

i realize i have just admitted i have a lot of free time on my hands when i constantly complain about being insanely busy.
sue me.

onto other whimsical topics for today....

here is all 0.0012mm of snow we got thursday. so not fair! i want the girls to play in some freakin' snow before global warming keeps us from seeing it ever again.
the Wee Lanford has discovered the appeal of fridge magnets. it's a trick you see; she is actually dusting the small vents under the fridge while she plays. who said i wasn't a domestic diva?

you should see this kid jump.
her smile isn't quite as sweet when she rams herself into the doorframe, though.
i really hope she'll be tough like Carys (if she has a choice, anyway...)
still not crawling. but she gets where she wants to go, regardless.
okay. if you know Carys, then you know that she doesn't do anything slowly. everything is done quickly. and usually involves an injury or bruise.
case in point:
our little dynamo was trying to run. in the dark. kitchen.
sadly, she didn't quite make it.
don't you just love her new black eye? it's a few days old, but now she has even more to be proud of.
while eating dinner, she decides that she has to use the bathroom. she is excused, and starts er 10-mile trek to the potty. seriously, it's like 15 steps! she catches sight of the TV in the living room on her way there, and walks right in to the wall.
why does my child have to be so clumsy?
oh. riiiight.
she is my child. and i am so ungraceful.
Chad got Lasik this week. say goodbye to the glasses (though he rarely wore them anyway...did you even know he wore contacts???)
some pictures of Cailyn.
maybe Carys will let me start taking pictures of her again soon. i hope so, at least.

Happy Friday. have a great weekend ;)

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amber said...

Too funny, girl! Love the pictures as usual. The ones of Cailyn beside the window are so great!! And Carys is looking older and older each day.