Tuesday, January 9, 2007

two little princessess

Carys is in the princess mode lately. i guess it's the same little bug that hits all little girls when they turn 3. everything is "pwincess" this, "pwincess" that.
i did not know, however, that every 3-year-old princess has royal subjects they must also convert to princesses. especially for tea parties.
i had a brother. i didn't know the princess rule. i'm sure i tried to make him a princess at some point though. the newly crowned Princess Yucky Pantslittle miss sunshine.
here are my little elton john impersonators.
if i act fast, i bet i could get them a gig in vegas.
The Bellagio presents Little Elton & Wee Elton.
(not because Cailyn is smaller...but because she wees - in her diaper, thankfully...)
we were making Carys favorite breakfast - chocolate chip pancakes. with cool whip.
she was waiting so patiently.
until i burned one. oops! i had to take pictures - doesn't she know that photo moments are fleeting & pancakes burn too quickly???
more fun with Carys' shades

and, to wrap things up, a little video (or two, as the case may be.)
i know, i know. you are tired of seeing our little darlings do and say the cutest things ever.

but i'm not tired of it, so you'll have to suffer through it. ;)
this little clip is the sweetest thing Carys has ever said to me. she said it spontaneously Sunday afternoon, after i got home from Jess's baby shower. she missed me SOooooo much (so she says). now she says it all the time. (too Chad too, but it started with me!)
she is a sweetheart!

and this little ditty is just proof that Cailyn is quickly leaving babyhood behind.
i woke up yesterday & for some reason said to myself, "today's the day..."
and, just like i knew, it happened. and i caught it. i was actually trying to catch her "talking" (she loves dadadadadadadada right now and she says it all the time), but i caught a little something else instead.
not ready not ready not ready. i give it about another week.


amber said...

What sweethearts! Great pictures again!! I lvoe watching the videos of them.

Nikki said...

They are both just too cute!!