Saturday, February 24, 2007

Wow! Wow! Wubbzy!

Okay, this post is not about the cartoon. Rather, it's WOW! kinda post. As in WOW! She doesn't have anything else to write about? Or WOW! She doesn't have any pictures today?
And I couldn't think of anything else catchy.

Cailyn is crawling, which you all knew from a previous photo post a few days ago. Yes Sirree. She's a movin' & Carys is a shakin'. (More on that later!)

Cailyn is crawling. And so am I. I forgot how much work it is to trail after a wee one. I had to relocate my plants (all t.w.o. of them - the ones that are still alive, anyway). I've had to vacuum & mop my floors far more than I'd like.
And for those of you that don't have kids yet....let me forewarn you that no matter how many times you buff, polish & scour your floors, nothing cleans them better than the knee and bum portions of a baby's freshly laundered outfit. I'm SO not kidding. I can scrub the floor until my nails bleed, and Cailyn still manages to have a dirty bum & knees every day. It drives me insane.

I digress....

Cai is also waving bye-bye. Just this morning, I swear she said "bye!"

She also claps when she's proud of herself (or when anyone in the house is proud of her...)

She bobs her little body to music.

She loves Cheerios. I think we may have to have an intervention, actually. She refuses all other foods some days.

She is also taking a few steps with the aid of the couch. She also likes to stand up, turn around & rest her back against the couch so she can clap for herself.
We could have a walker sooner than I'd like.

And, just as I sat down the type this, she started "talking" to Carys. Carys, who is asleep on the couch in the playroom (after insisting, "no nap mommy. I am not tired!"), opened her eyes & then rolled over.
But Cailyn was persistent. She stared as Care Bear so intently, yelling something that sounded like "HEY!!!!!!"
That's the first time I've seen her so focused on getting Carys' attention. Last night, she was literally crawling over Chad's shoulder to see what Big Sister was up to.

Loves her Big Sister much? Oh, yes she does!

And Carys.
She is such a ham.
She is into gymnastics (I use the term loosely because, after all, it's just a somersault...). She rolls and rolls and rolls.
She adds her own flairs though. Out of nowhere, she says: "Thank you very much! Take a bow!" And takes a bow.

She's also a dancing diva. She's got better moves than I do, and that's kinda embarrassing. I am so not a dancer. But she is. And she has to say "shake ya booty!" about a gazillion times a day. I frequently turn our cable to one of the music choice channels & we move & groove it until we can't sing along with the songs anymore (good cardio, eh?). I just hope the neighbors aren't watching us dance. I would be mortified.

She loves to play on her slide, and this week was so gorgeous that we did get out there quite a bit. She took a nasty fall off her swing on Wednesday. She was much too high (my fault...I should have known she wasn't ready for that) and decided to let go for some reason. Scared me to death.
She's okay. And as soon as I kissed her boo-boos, she asked to get back on the swing.
That's my girl. Dustin' it off.

Oh...and in case anyone cares about the "thing that was found in my nose at age 3" (see comments from the previous post) I was 3. And I thought it was a good idea to take the foam innards of a pillow and ram them up my nose. I didn't tell anyone I did this and it was there for a long time. Long time. So long I had to have it cut out of my nasal cavity. With actual scissors (not tweezers like my sweet girl...).
Anyway. Thanks to my mom for bringing that up. I could tell there were thousands of loyal readers on the edge of their seats, waiting for this story. I hope it was satisfyingly mundane.



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