Thursday, February 22, 2007

Stop & Smell the Flowers

You all know & love our darling daughter, Carys.
She's a great kid.
She's sweet, energetic & the life of any party (and if it's not a party, chances are she'll make it one!)
She does the darnedest things:

I took Cailyn with me to run a few errands. When I got back, Carys greeted me at the door.

Carys: Mommy! I fell on my nose.
Me: Oh no. Are you okay?
Carys: Yep. I okay.....daddy has scissors.
Me: Hmm. Okay. Why does daddy have scissors?
Carys: Mommy! I fell on my nose!

In walks Chad, with a piece of folded tissue.

Chad: Take a look at this.
Me: Um, no thanks. I'd rather not see what's in there.
Chad: No, really, look.
Carys: I fell on my nose, mom!

Okay, so my interest is peaked. Did she fall hard enough to make her nose bleed? What in the world happened in the 45 minutes that I was gone?

Chad opens the tissue.
A small metal flower. I instantly recognize it from one of Carys' bracelets because, earlier in the day, she broke it and I put it on the table so I could try to fix it later. It was small. Very small.

Chad: This was up her nose.
Me: (look of disbelief) What?

I instantly realize Carys was saying she had a flower up her nose, not that she fell on her nose. Silly me.

Apparently, Carys decided it was a good idea to shove the wee bauble so far up her nose that Chad had to remove it with scissors (again, I misinterpreted her. She meant tweezers...).

I can only imagine the fun times that were had in the master bathroom, Chad with tweezers & flashlight in hand, trying to maneuver a small metal object out of a squirming girl's nasal cavity.

Oh, yes, I boiled the tweezers after that.


amber said...

OH MY WORD! Sorry, but I am laughing at your expense. Well, Carys' expense.

Nana Nette said...

And, just be forewarned, my dear, that this is the start of your in-home training for your Masters Degree in Residential Emergency Medical Care. (Shall I remind you of what was found in YOUR nose at 3 yrs of age that was there so long it had ATTACHED to your skin??????)

nikki said...

Oh no! I'm laughing w/Amber! But, Annette, you have share Skye's story...I've never heard that one....