Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Goodbye, Babyhood.

Dear Babyhood,

I knew this wasn't going to be easy. And I knew it was coming.
You are simply wonderful, even though we've had our moments.
It's been so bittersweet; watching you slowly fade away as an emerging toddler begins to bloom.

Cailyn is a sweet, sweet baby and I can't get enough of her.
And Carys...I can't even begin to remember how quickly Babyhood left her. She started running at 10 months old and hasn't slowed down since then. She has definitely left Babyhood far behind, and I enjoy what she's learning more & more every day.

You don't last long and I think you are easily forgotten. I don't want to forget.
I take as many pictures as I can. I write as many stories as I can. I do whatever I can.
But you still go. Gradually, but you still go.

But, please, for this mommy's heart, slow down. Don't leave so quickly.
Let Cailyn be a baby a bit longer.
Let her not walk and run for a bit longer.
Let me rock her to sleep for a while longer.
Let me nurse her for a few more months.
Let me watch her be delighted in simple things, like watching her sister dance, for a while longer.


Nananette said...

Oh, you made Nana cry this morning! Don't babies just make you totally understand the meaning of life? You look in those eyes and your priorities just fall into place. (NOW you understand why I babied you and your brother!and now my darling granddaughters) Enjoy every moment!

nikki said...

That's the sweetest thing ever...I got all teary eyed! Thanks for sharing... :)

emily said...

Awe Skye, too sweet! And the pictures are gorgeous!