Monday, March 12, 2007

Happy 9 months, sweetheart!

Cailyn turned 9 months old yesterday.
I cannot believe that she is that old already. Where did the last 9 months go?

She's crawling - fast!
She's cruising.
She's stealing food off my plate.
She has 6 teeth. Workin' on the 7th.
She adores her big sister (and that affection is reciprocated (most of the time).
She dances.
She waves.
She's in love with Cheerios.
She chases the poor dogs. And sometimes she even catches them.
She feeds the dogs her beloved Cheerios. (what a way to share!)
She's a little comedian.
She's a mama's girl.
She's the little muffin that made our family complete.

She'll be ONE soon.
In three short months.
I cannot believe it.


Christine said...

WOW!! 9 months ~ where does the time go!! 7 teeth ~ wow!! Time is going much too fast!!

Nananette said...

you go Cai! 9 months and counting.....maybe she'll sleep the night thru by the 1 year mark!