Monday, April 23, 2007

Carys' great weekend adventure

Dear Mom-mom, Daddy & Sissy,
I didn't really miss you. I had lots of fun.
First, I stayed at Nana's. We went shopping. Papa & I rode Unca-Bwaine's golf cart around the yard. I picked flowers. And I ate lots of good stuff. Oh, and I watched a few movies.
Nana took me to the store where my daddy used to work while he was in high school - ha! That must have been a long time ago!

Then, Nana took me to Memaw's house. I saw the kitties and the dogs. And I terrorized Bwandon and Poppi.
Memaw took me to see some horsies - it was so much fun! I like feeding them grass ans hay and stuff; but they kept trying to eat my bootiful yallo flowas.

Please let me stay with my Nana & Memaw every weekend. I had fun doing lots of stuff. And I want to do dat again!!!!
Mom, I hope you took good care of my callapillas while I was gone. I missed them the most!

Love, Carys

P.S. You may see some pictures that Memaw took of me with the horsies. They were the coolest maminals (animals) ever!

Here I am, talking tom Mom-mom. I didn't talk long - I had things to do, dontcha know?!?!

Carys was exhausted. She had a busy weekend - and can't stop talking about it. We missed her terribly - it was so quiet around the house. But we did enjoy some one-on-one time with Cailyn, and I'm pretty sure she enjoyed it too. She kept crawling to Carys' room & banging on the door - I know she missed her big sister.
It always breaks my heart when Carys comes home from an overnight stay. She wants nothing to do with me for a long time - no fair for Mommy! I guess I'm not as fun as Nana & Memaw and the horsies & golf cart rides. I can't compete.
But she did tell me "Mommy, I did miss you. Just a little bit."
Just a little bit. :) I knew she missed me!


nikki said...

looks like she had a blast!

Amanda said...

Grandparents are always better than mommy and daddy! Didn't ya know ;-)

Brandy said...

Cute horsey pictures. And Carys on the phone...a girl after my own heart.