Friday, April 20, 2007

bigger, bigger, every day

I think that the 10-month mark is the time when babies start to go haywire. In a good way.
Cailyn just turned 10 months old...and every day, she's adding a new "trick" to her repertoire.
It blows our minds. Where did this neat little kiddo come from? (14 hours of labor, with no pain medication - I know where she came from...)
She was just crawling & whining & now she's doing things...and trying to be like her big sister.
She climbing, trying to communicate, eating more adventurously, and clinging to Mommy a little bit less. Oh, and she's taking steps by herself. She wants to move around with Carys so badly - I know that's what fueling her desire to walky-walk-walk.
Just a few pictures to share my blossoming little girlie with you.
She really is the sweetest, most wonderful, snuggable little one.
(I'm here mommy - I can say that!)
Here she is, actually posing for the camera...
but then Zoe caught her eye - so she looked away.

And here she is again - showing me her teeth.
Look at those eye lashes. Heartbreaker!

Hee. Carys. She smiles with all her might.
They were watching Dora together, each
sitting in her very own chair.
Cailyn crawls into it (and down from it) all by herself.
Carys thinks that is just hilarious - and tries to keep her from getting hurt.

In the chair. (Or is it ON the chair???)
She is so proud of herself!

Tomorrow (or whenever I get around to it!)...the great Caterpillar Experiment.
I know - you're so excited! :)


nikki said...

too cute!!

Amanda said...

You had natural deliveries too? I feel like I knew that but I am not sure. 10 months is such a sweet age and what beautiful eyes she has.