Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Into the mouths of babes...

Sunday night, we were all in the living room. Cailyn was crawling around, investigating as she always does. She pops her little head up over the side of the couch & I notice she's chewing something. I finger-sweep, the little motion that is ingrained in every mommy's mind as soon as the kid pops out of the womb.
Hm. Something black. And small. I don't recognize it, so I just throw it away. Quick scan of the floor. Nothing there.

Again, she pops back up, chewing on something.
Finger-sweep. Look under the couch. See nothing. Very weird.

Final time. She pops up, showing me that she has something tasty in her hands, and she's getting ready to eat it.
I quickly grab it & look close to inspect what she's found.
It's a millipede! A dead, flattened, nasty millipede. All those little legs! EEK!!!
Ordinarily, I don't mind 'em, but NOT in my child's mouth.

Gross, gross, gross!


amber said...

Ewwwwwwwww...can't say that I haven't been there though. Doesn't it gross you out when they eat the bugs? YUCK!

dinea said...




Brandy said...

I have the finger-sweep down too. Yuck! Never found a milipede in there before though.