Friday, May 18, 2007

so glad it's friday!

i was just sitting down to do a post full of gorgeous pictures from the last week or so.
mother's day at the lake, Cailyn's spaghetti face, Carys being a ham...all wonderful.

but i lost them.
totally, completely lost them.


Amanda said...

Oh I'm so sorry...I know you feel sick about it...that's the thing about digital cameras...they do make me nervous for that reason.

emily said...

Oh no!!! I would be crying. I'm so sorry Skye. I have thought I have lost some before but DH usually ends up recovering them. Have you checked the trash over real well? Sometimes they get locked in my memory card too and you have to fiddle around with that a bit.

Christine said...

What a BUMMER!!!! Sorry that happened, if it makes you feel better ~ it has happened to me as well!!

Brandy said...

That has happened to me too. I was so upset for months before they magically appeared again.
I hope they show back up.
I love your new header.