Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Not just for the dogs

Carys is the biggest tomboy I have ever met.

Carys & Chad were outside watering the plants and just playing around outside. A storm was coming, and there was gentle sprinkle falling on them.
Then, Chad said he noticed a gush of water - and he thought that was strange. It was just barely sprinkling; not enough to really clear out the gutters or make any kind of noise on the ground.

So her turns around to see what Carys is up to.
And what does he see?

Carys, with her pants down in the backyard, peeing!
She never said a word to him about needing to go potty. She just did it all m'suff! (translates to: I did it all by myself!)

That child!

So not only do we have to watch out for doggy doo in the backyard, we evidently have to watch out for Carys spots too.

Oh, yes, I know things like this will embarrass her when she's about 13 or so. But I'm documenting her wild antics so that when calls me one day about her own little girl, I can shake my head & say: "Oh, yea...well, when YOU were that age..."


Nikki said...

Too funny!!

Nana said...

Oh, can I identify!!! Not with the spots (not personally, but your brother is a different story) but with the "when she calls me one day...." Let's see how many times I can remind you of when YOU were 3....
BTW: aren't YOU the SAHM teaching her all about nature and appreciation of same?? Maybe it was a science experiment!?

Amanda said...

I love Carys's little mind.