Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Something about Wal-Mart

I don't know what it is about Wal-Mart that makes Carys totally uninhibited.
She dropped trow over the weekend, of course.
And yesterday she was trying to be so sneaky. Yet, she hasn't got the whispering thing down yet.

I'm piling groceries onto the conveyor belt...Carys is in the cart. I've got Cailyn in the sling. So...I'm busy.

A man walks up behind us, and he has a ton of stuff in his arms, so I tell him to put it on the belt & I'll grab one of those divider bars.
I go about my business and Carys starts chattering away to herself.

Then I hear:
Carys: Hey! Man! Hey! You! (obviously talking to the man right behind us - I just listen)
Man: Hi, little girl. How are you?
Carys: Good. Hey, man. You see that right there? (she points to the candy display to her left)
Man: Yes.
Carys: Shhhh! You get that candy for me & don't tell my mommy.
Man: You want that candy, huh?
Carys: Yes. I like it. It's my favorite. You get it for Carys & don't tell my mommy.

I told her I could hear what she said & she said, "No, mommy. You not hear it. I was shhhh! wist-puh-ning." Then she looks at the man - as if to say "HURRY UP! She's on to me!"

That child.

Then she chatted up the cashier: "Hey. Hey, girl. What you doing hea? You work at Wal-muht? I like it hea. You have some gum? NO? You have some candy? No? You have chocwit cake?"


Christine said...

LOL!!! What a HOOT!!! That is hilarious about trying to sweet talk her way into candy, lol!!

nikki said...

Too funny!! She's a smart one...and creative, too!!

Amanda said...

That is so funny.....Thank goodness I guess that Keely turns to complete silence if someone is trying to talk to him he doesn't know...that's cute....

emily said...

Too funny! I can't believe a little toddler mind could come up with that story!

Amanda said...

You have one smart cookie on your hands!! I can't begin to imagine what she is gonna talk Cailyn into.

amber said...

I am dying over here! TOO DANG FUNNY!

lchorba said...

What a crack up she is! LOL!

3 to get ready said...

As the mother of a 3 year old and 2 1 year olds, I can identify with that story. It makes me laugh so hard I'm crying.

I'm enjoying your blog. Just looking.