Wednesday, May 30, 2007

talking to a 3-year-old

me: Carys...I heard you running while I was in the shower. What were you doing?
Carys: nothin'.
me: Hmmm. I think you were in the kitchen. Were you in the kitchen?
Carys: nope.
me: Oh. Did you have a cookie?
Carys: {looks at me in shock - how does mommy knows these things???}
me: You forgot to wipe the chocolate off your face, sweetheart.

me: Okay, Carys. Nap time.
Carys: NOOOOOoooo! I'ts not sleepy time yet. Da sun is still out - see?
me: I see the sun. You're right. But you're cranky and need a little rest. We'll play some more when you get up.
Carys: NOOOOoooooo! I not like to west. I wanna pway! NOW!

About 5 minutes later, I find her fast asleep. See? Moms know best.

And I can't blog without sharing something of the Wee
She finally has enough hair for little barrettes.
I am in heaven! A girly girl! YAY!
Also, notice the sippy cup. It's permanently attached to her hand and lips. What a big girl. (And she'll be ONE in two short weeks!) Sorry for the bad pic - but neither of us were in photog mood yesterday.

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Brandy said...

Once again, Love the blog snippets told by Cawys ;)
And that is a darling picture of Cailyn. Her eyes are so big and blue!