Thursday, May 31, 2007

bye-bye Baby!

Well, I've been refusing to admit to myself that Cailyn won't always be a baby.
I can't deny it anymore, as her main mode of movement is now walking. She made such huge improvements yesterday - her confidence just hit a high spot I think. She's walking about 75% of the time, I think. And when she stumbles, she gets right back up & goes some more.

Carys walked at 10 months - Cailyn at 11.5. It's funny how much two people can differ when raised in the same circumstances. Carys is my happy-go-lucky, everyone's-her-best-friend, I-don't-know-any-speed-but-FAST girl. Cailyn is definitely more reserved and cautious. I know she's not even one yet, but I swear I can just see the gears turning in her head when she wants to try something new. She thinks about it. And then maybe she'll do it.
Carys - she just does it. If she gets hurt, oh well - she'll deal with that later.
They are so very different. Already. I can't wait to see what other changes lay before us.

But my 3rd eye tells me that I'm in for trouble. Cailyn wants to do everything like her big sister. She's pushing chairs & toys around the floor so she can climb onto the couch with Carys. She's even figured out how to get down without getting hurt - that's impressive!
She mimics Carys' silly noises. She wants to eat/drink whatever Carys has.
Carys has changed the way she plays when Cailyn is around. Her favorite thing to do right now is have a "picnic" under the table in the kitchen and serve Cailyn some haute cuisine (ala plastic cups of imaginary hot tea & pickles!). Carys doesn't understand why Cailyn prefers to get under the blanket instead of on top of it. Then a squabble always ensues because Cailyn walks off with the blanket & Carys really wants that imaginary indoor picnic.

Ahhh, my life as a SAHM. Never a dull moment. Always the referee. Always messes to clean. And hugs to give. And laughter to hear. Boo-boos to kiss. Snacks to make.
It's grand. Absolutely grand.


Anonymous said...

it is about time you updated your blog!

Amanda said...

Hey Skye, just wait and see how much closer your girls become now that your baby will no longer be a baby. It's a very bittersweet time.