Wednesday, June 6, 2007

the case of the missing shoe

WANTED: My Perfect Partner.
I'm a Righty, looking for my Lefty.
I might enjoy long walks on the beach, tip-toeing in the tulips,
running through damp grass, and being chewed on by dogs & curious
toddlers alike. I was brand new, only worn once, but now
I am just lost without my solemate. Help me become a pair!

Ugh! Cailyn wore this adorable pair of shoes (scratch that - she wore an adorable shoe! as in singular!!!) ONCE!!!!!
We were running errands yesterday, and after we left the first store, I realized her shoe was missing. We went back in the store. Out of the store. THREE times. Looked under vehicles in the parking lot. Enlisted Carys super-spy eyes to help me see it in the van/store/parking lot. All to no avail. No shoe to be found.
HOW does this happen? HOW?!?!? How did I not notice that she took her shoe off? I asked the clerk to call me if anyone found it because HELLO! I paid too much for them at Stride Rite and one shoe is pretty useless!!!
I hold out hope that I will find it in the van. And I refuse to throw the shoe away, because the second I do & the trash truck comes to collect it, I will find the other shoe. It always happens that way.

Okay. I will stop venting for now.

The Weeest Lanford got her first band-aid injury last evening.
We were playing outside with chalk, since Cailyn likes to "draw" (as in maybe she'll make contact with a surface. Or maybe it will make contact with her mouth. It's a toss up, really.). She was standing and walking - and I was hovering over her simply because concrete and new-to-the-walking-game babies make me nervous (and rightly so!). She was fine though. She didn't fall. She went to sit beside Carys to "draw"...she put her hands down in front of her & bent over - then started screaming. It took me a minute - but I soon realized she had caught her tiny little finger nail on the concrete somehow. It ripped almost her entire nail off. That poor child. How do things like that happen, really? I was standing right there...I had my hand out to catch her in case she toppled...but I wasn't aware that she would remove her fingernail in the process of sitting.
The blood. The cries. It was no fun, my friends. No fun at all.
And then - try to imagine keeping a crying baby still while you cut away the rest of the fingernail on the side she she doesn't snag it in the next few days. It's not like I could reason with her why I was doing that - I cried with her in the bathroom for 5 minutes.

Anyway - here she is proudly showing off her band-aid after bath time last night. She's already been thru several since last night. She keeps chewing them off. And peeling them off.

She will be playing, then remember she has a boo-boo, I guess, because she'll come over to me & hold her finger out for a kiss. Mommies really do make it all better. Oh - and 3-year-old sisters are pretty good at trying to convince you that band-aids are the coolest! Especially the Spiderman ones & the Curious George ones & the Princess ones.....we have way too many band-aids to choose from. Heh! (And if you know Carys, you know why....)

Here is Carys in her favorite dress - I think I wash it at least twice a week for her to wear.
Me: What do you want to wear today?
Carys: My wallamewon dwess. Did you wash it?
Me: I think so...let me check.
Carys: Oh, yea! You're my sweethawt - thank you for washing my dwess!

Truth be told - she likes this dress so much because it has two large pockets in the front to hold her snacks & miscellaneous findings from the yard.
She's in a dress kind of mood lately - I think she has about 10 in her closet - and she just rotates them thru each week. No shorts. No capris. No skirts. Just dresses.
I may just have a girly girl yet!


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Brandy said...

How sad is it that I recognized the band-aid on Cai's finger before I read it on your blog.
I did the same thing looking for a hat. I hope you find the shoe.

Amanda said...

Oh yes,pockets make any dress perfect!
I hope you find the shoe,what a pain that is.

amber said...

So funny about her shoe. I know the feeling whole heartedly. Poor thing!

Nikki said...

Hope you find the shoe...they are cute!