Sunday, June 10, 2007

Cailyn's First Birthday Party

We had Cailyn's party today - she had such a good time. Thanks to everyone who came to share her special day. We all had a blast. And, yet again, I can't believe I have another child who is older than I care to admit. What a year it has been. We love you, Cailyn!
What a sweetheart!
(she's showing off the bunny straw
she successfully stole from Carys...) The watermelon cake
Cailyn's cake
She's not so sure what she's getting into....
...but she figured it out!

What a MESS!!!!
Off to the bath tub! Opening presents.
Of course, Carys was more into it than Cailyn...Still more gifts!Her new six-foot tunnel. She LOVES it!

My big girl wanted to sit at the counter with the adults.


Nikki said...

Happy 1st birthday Cailyn!! I love the are so creative!

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Cailyn!!! It looks like she had fun!! Great Watermelon cake!!

Cora said...

Happy Birthday big girl! Mom what a great cake... and it looks like Cailyn LOVED it!