Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Terrific Tuesday

I know I've been slack with blogging & posting pics - I haven't really felt like it. Man, is it HOT! I just want to lounge by the pool, read my magazines, and eat bon-bons. (RIGHT! What a dream that is...)
But when I just downloaded some new pictures today - I knew I had to put them up! The girls have been complying with their paparazzi mommy (aka mamarazzi).
I swear they grow a few pounds & inches every night while they sleep. Just this morning, I realized that Cailyn's hair was laying a different way - and she looked so different. Funny how I notice the gradual of changes. Everyone else probably thinks I'm nuts. But I notice the tiniest changes everyday. It's neat to watch, but also bittersweet.

On with the show ;)
Carys being the sweetie that she is (usually)

PIGTAILS!!! or something like pigtails!
Cailyn was actually yammering to Memaw on the phone here...

Playing nicely together for a change
My big girl!

If you're a mom, you know that most one-year-olds prefer to cling at this stage. A lot.
The next 3 shots are just a testament to that. Wow, is she clingy. And whiny. Her 3 new chompers are almost all the way thru her gums, so I hope she'll return to her normal self soon.

Carys at NAPTIME!
Miss Independent


nikki said...

Love, love, love the new pics!! You have 2 beautiful girls!

Amanda said...

Cailyn's hair,did it seriously sprout overnight??? I think she looks just like her daddy:-)

Brandy said...

Cailyn has so many teeth and so much hair! She is growing up way too fast. I love that watermelon outfit.
Oh and I will be joining you by the pool to read and eat bon bon's ;)

Nananette said...

They ARE changing every day....more and more beautiful! Cailyn has certain faces that look like Chad (NO, I didn't mean the whining one) but they both look like Mom. It's those strong genes!

Amanda said...

They are getting so big too...I can't believe that Cailyn has pig tails....Carson has no hair still. And yes we are also at the very clingy, whiny stage too. Carson actually yells a lot which drives me nuts.