Friday, June 22, 2007

happy friday!

another week, almost over! yippee!

Cailyn is cutting 3 molars - yikes! she is teetering between miserable and okay-ish. thank goodness for hyland's teething tablets and tylenol.

Carys is testing me for some reason. but she's also been hysterical. just when i'm on the verge of putting her in time-out, she says something funny & i have to hide my laughter. a strict disciplinarian can't laugh. it's not allowed!

any plans for the weekend?
we have a dinner party with some friends tomorrow, and then we'll be hangin' at the pool some, too.

have a great weekend.


Nikki said...

I like the new summerish! Have fun this weekend...

amber said...

Love your new layout! Too cool!

Molars are no fun...she is so far ahead of Emma on teething.

Have a great weekend!