Monday, June 4, 2007


We've been working on animal sounds...and Cailyn will finally say one back to me! I guess it doesn't hurt that we actually have a dog...and she hears woof all day long. Or that Carys repeats everything I say - so Caily n hears it about 1.5 bajillion times per day. I may have to convince Chad to get a cow moo, a chicken cluck & a sheep baaaa! It's definitely more fun to learn about animals when you can get some hands-on experience. I seriously doubt he would go for that, though. I must warn you - before you watch this clip. She is perilously cute. And her laughter is contagious. I warned ya!
And please don't mention to me that June 11 is one week from today. I know. I'm excited & dreading it all at the same time.

Carys desperately needed a haircut. So, off we trekked to Wal-mart -- one of the few places you can get a haircut on Sunday. We got there at 5:30, because I knew they closed at 6pm. Oh, well...what they really mean is that they leave at 6pm - they actually CLOSE at 5:30. So, after talking about getting her haircut all weekend, she was let down. I felt so bad for her - she was excited about getting it cut in the big girl chair.
She ran into her friend Karlee about 5 minutes later though, and the whole haircut let-down was forgotten.
I had to cut it myself when we got home. I didn't do a terrible job, but I admit I'm not hair dresser. At least it's not so, ahem, poofy ;)
So here's a before & after.

Cailyn, playing with her Da.
She's been he's little buddy for the last few days.
She calls for him ALL the time. And like to cuddle. It's pretty sweet.The gang chilling out on the couch during the rain.
Her first big boo-boo from walking - right in the middle of the forhead.
She fell into the cabinet in the kitchen Saturday night.

Talking on the cell phone already.
She holds it up to her ear & says: "Yea. Yea. Hey!" (or something pretty close to that)

Carys, showing off the dress that Memaw bought for her.
She insisted to wear it Sunday while we were running errands. And I guess the outfit wasn't complete without her Spiderman shoes.
We laughed several times - a girly dress, with Spidey shoes. Silly girl.

Little Miss Sunshine


Amanda said...

Amelia has the same dress!! She has not worn it yet but it sure does look cute on. Spiderman sneaks huh? Amelia would do the same!!!!!

amber said...

That was the sweetest little video. So darn cute!

Amanda said...

They are so cute....that's neat that you guys use memaw too.....I don't hear too many people using that...but we do...