Monday, July 23, 2007

another sunny summer day

We had another glorious weekend. Friday night dinner & a movie.
Then Saturday, we went to the lake after lunch and stayed until 10ish. We played & ate - it was another perfect day!
Then yesterday, we lounged a bit. Went shopping. What a waste of time. It's always this way with me when I need something specific - I cannot find it!!! Three stores - nothing. I need some new shorts & well, let's face it, I'm not 14 anymore. I cannot (well, I should not) wear booty shorts. Can't. Won't. Refuse. And I couldn't quite find anything other than capris or booty shorts. Ugh. Problematic, I know.

I did have a run-in with a leech this weekend. My first, and hopefully, last encounter with a little bloodsucker. I stood up from the water, scratched my leg & saw that nasty little thing. It was little, but oh! so gross!!!
I felt like the little boys in the leech scene from Stand By Me. Thankfully, there was only one. And it hadn't feasted yet. If I had to pull a nice plump leech off my leg, I think I would have drowned from shock. How nasty!
Chad successfully mushed it with a stick.
Gross. Gross. GROSS!

Chad & Carys lounging Friday evening.

The sun and wind were in her eyes
She looks gangsta, right?

Chad & Cailyn chillin' on the back of the boat

Coming back on board

Cailyn loves hanging out on the boat

My little Coppertone Cutie
Mommy & Cailyn

Blaine & Lauren tubing
(before they fell out & B got injured...)
Blaine, Carys & Lauren

Marilyn & Carys (napping, of course)

Oh, it's Monday again. And I doubt we'll make it to the lake for a while.
Our CA trip is coming up very soon, so we'll be preparing for that.
And, I have some shopping to do, since I need a few things for our trip that I've not found yet. Fun, fun, fun.
Have a good week!


Nana said...

Gangsta girl with an attitude!

Amanda said...

I so feel your shopping pain...There never is anything when you are ready to buy. Now go out not able to buy a thing and everything you want is jumping out at you...that's how it always turns out. Good luck finding some things.

amber said...

So nasty about the leech! YUCK!! I think I would have puked. We have ticks around here all the time, and I think those are bad enough.

Cute pics, as always. :)

Amanda said...

Gosh Skye,don't you know that's the rule.... When you need clothes and have mula to buy them for yourself nothing fits or remotley looks right.
And the leech? Oh I would've had a nrevous breakdown and then passed out;-)

I'll take a baybreeze,clink! clink!

emily said...

I love a good day on the lake. So relaxing and it makes you sleep so well that night. The girls look super cute in their gear, love the gangsta pic!