Thursday, July 26, 2007


I suppose it's not really Wal-Mart.
And I suppose Carys is really chatty anyway...but Oh. My.Goodness. does she embarrass me sometimes.

Exhibit A:
We're in the dairy section, and she's pleading with me to buy her some silly yogurt with a Princess on it. I keep telling her it tastes the same as the other yogurt, and after a couple of minutes of cajoling, she is eerily quiet.
There is an elderly lady beside me who looks a little confused, so I ask her if I can help her get anything; she chats for a minute and I'm trying to figure out where Carys has gone. I turn around to see that she is trying to steal that poor woman's motorized scooter!
She is sitting on the scooter, and the lady is partially using it as support to stand. I can see this going very badly. Carys takes off. Lady hits the floor. (In my mind, not in reality...)

Carys: It's my turn! I want a turn on this cool bike!
Me: Well, that's not yours. Please get off and come with Mommy.
Carys: No, I would like to ride it. Just a little. Puh-lease!
Me: (sneaking a glance at un-amused lady) Carys! Now! Off!
Carys: (crossing arms) UGGGHHHHHH!

Exhibit B:
Yep, still at Wal-Mart.
I'm pouring over the thousands of cleaning products, trying to find something that will clean multi-surfaces. Carys is chatting up her sister, talking about Princesses and frogs, and I thought I heard something about candy (which is on the next aisle, and I make a mental note to NOT go there).
Wait! She's talking to someone else now:

Carys: Hey! What's your name?
Lady: My name is Ruth. What's your name. (This is the part where most strangers are amused. A cute little girl, demonstrating her fantastic social skills.)
Carys: My name is Carys. .... Hey, why you have a baby in your belly? What kind is it? A boy or a girl? (and this is the part where they are not so amused...)
Lady: (looks like she doesn't understand what Carys said, and looks at me for some clarification)
Me: Excuse us. Carys - NOW - let's go!

You see, that Lady was not pregnant. Talk about embarrassed!

Exhibit C:
We're outside playing with the neighbors kids, also girls.
Neighbor sits down & Carys asks her to draw with chalk on the road.
Neighbor: What would you like for me to draw?
Carys: Hmmm. Let me think....a penis. Can you draw a penis?
Me: (choking because, um! what do I say???) Ummm....we've been talking about body parts.
Neighbor: Oh, well, we just say privates at our house.

I didn't want to tell my 3-year-old daughter what body parts are officially called.
I didn't want to talk to her about any body parts whatsoever until she was about 33 years old, and that's only after I let her out of the house for the first time at the age of 32.

But, as some of you may already know, I occasionally care for a 6-year-old boy.
Who likes to talk.
A lot.
And he's Carys' little buddy.
They were playing one day, and Carys accidentally hit him in his privates (thanks Neighbor, I'll have to use that...), and he said, "OWWW! Miss Skye, Carys hit my .... !!!"
I assume Carys noticed that it was an important word to the little guy, so she just started using it. Any private part, for weeks, was referred to as a ....

So, yea, that's where that came from.
We're trying to ignore the word and hope that she'll stop using it.
It's worked so far (crossing fingers...)


nikki said...

too funny!! you should write a book...

tony asked @ a very young age what '"those things mom has in the bathroom" (i.e.: pads and tampons) were for...mandy told him they were pee-pee pads...until he was probably 10 or so...he called them that!

Linda said...

OH my goodness. How hysterical is Carys? Love her!

Linda (lchorba)

Nana said...

Ha! That's my girl! You won't slip much past that one, Skye! (just as I never could with you)

Amanda said...

Oh that little Carys!!! To me she is HYSTERICAL!!! As I always say.. From the mouth of babes.