Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday fodder

This week went by kinda fast. Which is good. I live for the weekends.
It's our play time. Our go-out-in-the-sun-and-bake time (and the girls always wear sunscreen!)

We had a good week. The quarter is still MIA. I'm assuming it's in the neighbor's septic tank. Where it will stay.
We ate well - viva fresh veggies from our garden! (thanks to Chad & Carys for finally making me a garden!!!)
We had much needed rain.
I stocked our freezer again & saved a ton of money doing so -it makes me giddy!

Snapped a few pictures this week. I'm falling down on the job.
I've been doing laundry. And cleaning the girls' closets (HOW do little girls accumulate so MUCH STUFF???)
Congrats to my cousin Bree!!! She & Will had a beautiful baby girl this week - Ava Elizabeth. I've seen a few pictures and she is just gorgeous! Welcome to the world, Ava!

Carys will let me take a few photos of her, so I try to get as many as I can. There still aren't that many of her. And most of them have a "will you hurry up!?!?" look. Stinker.
So, I take lots of pictures of the Wee Lanford. Cailyn just doesn't protest. Yet.
Cailyn, with her dino book.
Oh, and the doctor glasses from Carys' doc kit.
Chic, no?

There's that look I was talking about. No smile.

Looks like she's up to no good, huh?
Like that water on her dress?
She told me she was watering the watamewon (on her dress).It's a mother's job to embarrass. Well, not really.
I post this picture to completely etch Carys's 3.5 year-old
personilaty in my mind. She loves SpidaMan. So much so that I
bought her Spidey undies (whatever works!). I just didn't realize they
were boxer briefs until I got home. Oh well.

Just woke up. Still sleepy. And oh so sweet.

My dimpled, smiley girl.

My goofy gal

Carys & the WonderMutt, Zoe

Have a fabulous weekend!


~NiK~ said...

Too cute!

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Amanda said...

I love the pictures and those glasses....those are cute.

Nana said...

lovin' the boxer briefs! Hey....a girl's gotta be comfy!