Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Day 3.
Still no quarter.
She swallowed it Sunday afternoon, so I thought I would have seen it by now.
Granted, she did use the bathroom at the neighbor's yesterday without my they may be a quarter richer. They can have the money. I seriously don't want it. Ha.

It's amazing how freely people speak of bodily functions once you have children. If you don't have children, this will gross you out. If you do have children, I'm waiting for your "Oh Yea! That's nothing. My Johnny did..." comments and emails.

Earlier today, I was cleaning & doing the twice-weekly-bathroom-trash-collecting-and-emptying-out-the-fridge ritual. I walk upstairs to clean out the trash can and wham! There's this smell.
I look around. I don't see anything.
So I ask Carys if she's been putting used toilet paper in the trash can again...I wanted to be warned before I stuck my hand in the trash, you know? (Not that I'm in the habit of digging in the trash....but Cailyn's latest obsession is throwing things away. And, well, I have to do a check to make sure there's nothing of value in the trash can.)

She said "sometimes" Grrrrreat.
So I empty it. Lysol it. Still stanky!

This is the point where I realize I'm a genius.
I walk over to the stool in front of the sink (aka the old potty chair that we don't use anymore because hello! Carys has been using the regular potty for ages!).
Open it.
She used that potty.
I have no idea.
But I think it was in the last week or so....I think.

So, after I donned my hazmat suit & scoured that stupid potty chair, I had a little chat with Carys dear.
No peeing in the baby potty.

She said:
"Okay, Mommy."

We'll see.

And lesson learned for today:
Always check the training potty. Just in case.


~nik~ said...

omg....too funny!!!

Amanda said...

Oh how I just love Carys. She keeps you on your toes,that is for sure Skye!!! We don't own a training potty,I know you're thinking,what??

emily said...

Skye, that is too funny! Glad you found the stinkies. Hunting down smells is so not fun!