Tuesday, July 3, 2007

new 'do for Carys & me

First....I am thinking of putting a password on the blog - or something to restrict everyone in the planet from being able to read it. I can invite people to read it, but I need your email address first. If you want to be invited to read it, please email me at skye.lanford@gmail.com
;) thanks :)

Carys & I finally got our hair cut this weekend. I'm LOVING Carys' new hair - it really brought out her curls. Mine...well, I'm going to have to get used to it. I haven't had short hair in a long time. I do enjoy not having to break out the hair dryer & straightening stuff though. That's a plus! curly cutie!
SHE SIGNS!!!!She was signing "more" in this picture.
She will also signs for "all done".
Cailyn has a vocabulary of about 10 words, and adds several
sounds each week that I know are emerging words.

Baa = cup (I guess she's really saying bottle, but she's never taken one, so I don't know why...)
Bu = bug
Baw = ball
Da = Daddy
Mamamama = Mommy!
Nak = snack
Bye = bye
Shhhhh! = shhh!
:) she does it with her little finger at her lips. SO cute!
Opp = stop
Dat = that
Woof = dog
Key = kitty
Cat = cat
Iss = Sissy, Carys
(rare, but she does say it!)

It is so amazing to watch these little girls learn new things.
Carys is my little ham. And Cailyn is my little priss-pot.


Anonymous said...
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Christine said...

Oh my word ~ LOOK at Carys' curls!!! SOOO CUTE!!! And what a sweetie Cai is signing and rockin' with her words!! YAY!!! I still love your hair!!

Nik said...

Love the new hair cuts...too cute!

emily said...

Priss-pot; ha! LOL! WTG on the signing and words Cailyn.

That is a great pic of you two with your new do's! Very cute.

Brandy said...

That is exactly how Darcy signs more.
You and Carys with your new do's is so cute! You both look great!