Thursday, July 5, 2007

Happy 4th of July!!!

A day late, but wow- did we have a great day yesterday!
I think it was quite possibly the most perfect and best day we've ever had.

We slept in. LOVE it!
Then we headed to Shannon & Todd's for lunch a little swim.
Then we went to Aunt Candy's for some lake fun. And ribs - yum, yum!

Carys & Landon, having a snack after swimming!

Carys & Landon having ice pops after their swim

My patriotic princess

After Shannon's, we headed to Candy's. Carys got the DRIVE the boat - it was awesome. She was so excited. No pictures, because I left the camera in the house was way too lazy to go get it. Carys & Cailyn played in the lake and had a blast. SO much fun! They were both tuckered out by 8pm, but held on a little longer to see some fireworks over the water.

Carys & her buddy-for-the-day Sierra, waiting patiently for the
fireworks to start. All jammied up!

It was a glorious day. We got to see a lot of our family and the girls were so good (until it got to bedtime...but that's to be expected!). We're thinking of going back to the lake this weekend, and I promise I'll do better at taking pictures then.

Hope you all had a great day as well!!!


Nik said...

Sounds like fun!

Christine said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!! Love the girls festive outfits :) ~ Christine

emily said...

I love Carys big eyes and smile, she is just adorable. And both yoru girls look so cute in their patriotic get-up. Lovin it!

Nana said...

It WAS a great day! When do we go back??