Friday, July 27, 2007


My sweet friend Amber tagged me - five things people don't know 'bout me.

Like Amber, I share pretty freely online. Sometimes (but oh so rarely!), I will type out a lengthy blog about something my kids (or Chad) did that I found particularly hysterical, and then don't I just don't publish it because I'm afraid someone might get embarrassed. Or someone will come lock me up for my crazy shenanigans.

'Tis five things you must know:

numero uno
Chad & I went to daycare together when we were wee ones. Then onto elementary, junior high, high school. Then I got smart and went the greatest university ever, UNC-Chapel Hill. Chad, regretfully, attended NC State. But I married him anyway. And we produced 2 wee ones of our own. No one believes us when they ask how we met - but we really have known each other forever. We didn't actually get together until he was a freshie at State and I was a senior in high school, thanks to the match-making prowess of Shannon Roos Knox (who is my forever Ketchup sister!).

numero dos
For some reasons unknown to me, I used to bite my toenails when I was young. That led to some wonderful visits to the podiatrist to cut out ingrown toenails. (gag, gag, gag!)
Who knows why I thought it was best, at nine years old, to bite my funky toenails instead of using clippers. It was way gross, i Know that now. And how they heck was I ever that flexible? The kicker? Carys does it. I get onto her a few times a week about having her toes in her mouth & chewing her toenails. Karma, I suppose.

numero tres
I am a relative of Daniel Boone. Somewhere on my mom's side. I should really do a family tree one of these days.

numero cuatro
I worry incessantly about little things - but the big things don't phase me. At all. Unfortunately.
Case in point: I was our own wedding planner. For the most part, I am pretty organized & detail-oriented. I had this huge binder filled with everything we needed to know. Color swatches, centerpieces, my hairstyle photographed for my hairdresser, a rescue kit for any wedding day disasters - like getting lipstick on my gown...
But I neglected to make sure my bridesmaids knew how to get me to the Castle where we got married. We actually got lost and had to stop for directions. (And I'm terrible with directions, in case you didn't know that...) Luckily, I made sure we left pretty early in case there was traffic.
Organized, yes.
Forgetful? Um, yep. I confess; it's true!

numero cinco
At the wonderful old age of 13, I lost my favorite watch.
At a Michael Bolton concert. My aunt & I were making it back from the restrooms & he rode by on his very official golf cart, long locks blowing in the wind. So we chased after him, with hordes of other crazed women and girls. I was hoping to touch him. Why? I have no idea - I guess I was caught up in the moment of being so close to a celeb. All I could think of was grabbing his hair. I have no idea why - goodness knows I didn't need a long strand of Bolton 'fro so everyone would think I was cool.
Ha - when I was 13, I was in a cool points deficit. So uncool. And unfair hat it's one of my few celeb close encounters.
I met Little Richard at the Gulfport-Biloxi Airport a few years back. He really is made up all the time, outrageous clothing & all. And surrounded by an entourage. Crazy.

So, there you have it. Some of you may know some of those things. Some of you may not.
Nothing too earth-shattering. I can't tell you everything.
I think that someone with a name like mine has to have a little mystery about her, no?

Now I tag the Amandas & Brandy!


NANA said...

Ha! I knew those things!(and some you didn't tell.....) And, I alone, also know that you were near tears (!) to be so close to Michael Bolton. I, in my maturity, did not participate in the celeb mania. You, however, DID actually JUMP onto his cart and were pulled OFF by security.(hence the watch coming off of your wrist) At the tender age of 13.

nikki said...

I must defend us bridesmaids getting lost on the way to the castle...can you say horrible road construction? We couldn't help but get lost...did I ever tell you that Matt go REALLY lost? He made it just in time to see you walk down the isle. But hey, we got you there on time! It was a beautiful wedding...and the food was great!! :)

Brandy said...

That is too funny.
I was so surprised to see I was
I need to catch up on a couple more of your blogs first. I have been sleeping the week away.
Oh, and guess what I have "known" my DH forever too, well since I was 5 but he was 9 so he had no interest in me.

Amanda said...

You didn't tell the part of jumping onto the cart...that is too I'm one of the Amanda's you tagged I assume?? I was surprised to see the Amandas tagged.....this should be fun. I might have to enlist Nikki for some help here :)

Sip said...

ok, i wandered over here and read this. hilarious. dont feel bad about your feet. i remember that i used to lick the bottoms of mine. yes, that is gross - but for some reason, i think they tasted salty (probably foot sweat) and that supposedly tasted good. i know weird. i think biting toenails is waaaaaay grosser though.
you know, i seem to think that i know another person that ran into little richard in the airport. i think they also saw hulk hogan too - was it o'hare? weird. i was in dulles once in 02 or 03 and standing next to the top of an escalator, waiting for a flight. i saw this man coming up in a cheap dark suit and a lady with sunglasses (it was night time) - by the time i realized it was Hillary Clinton, it was too late for me to stick my foot out and trip her as she got off. oh well. the pilot for my plane was standing next to me and i mentioned it to him - he said he would have had my back when i got tackled by SS. :)