Tuesday, August 28, 2007

File this under: Resume filler

ala the Golden Girls. (love to Sofia...)

Picture this.
A sleepy Mommy wakes up to a loud Carys in the bathroom.
Sleepy Mommy walks down the hall to find Carys washing her hands (ahem -- it looked as if she was just splashing water on the counter if you ask me!).

Sleepy Mommy: Um, Carys dear, what are you doing?
Carys: Washing my hands mommy, I went poop!
Sleepy Mommy: Oh yes, I know...I didn't hear a flush though. Flush the potty.
Carys: I can't - it will wake Sissy up. (Since when did she care about waking anyone up?!?!)
Sleepy Mommy: Well, when you do number two in the potty, you always flush it. Sleeping Sissy or not.
Carys: 'Kay Mom-mom!

She trots to the toilet. Looks inside as she reaches for the handle.
Then looks at me with a strange little expression.

That's when I saw it.
An entire roll of toilet paper in the toilet.
A. Whole. Roll.
And she threw in some wet wipes for good measure, I suppose.

Mommy's sleepy no more.

I retrieve the plunger and try not to scream.
For heaven's sake - it's 8:00 in the morning! Who clogs the toilet at 8am???
I haven't even had any coffee yet.

I make her watch as I unclog the paper. She is not amused. And neither am I.
She's making a lot of gagging noises & repeats "that's disgusking!"
At one point, I seriously think the potty will overflow. Thankfully, it did not.
I surely would have lost my mind (like there's much left anyway...)

Another day in Mommyhood.
Note to self: Must add Plumber Extraordinaire to my resume.


Nana said...

That's my girl! BTW: I do remember telling her not to do that when she was at Nana's house.....then I did the Grandma thing and finished the sentence with...."you can use all of the TP you want to at your house". Hmmmmm. Guess she took that literally.

Christine said...

lol!!! OK, only because I would be screaming if it happened here, lol!!!

Amanda said...

Oh my.....you poor thing. I can't stand plunging the toliets...not that I do it that often but the one or two times that I have I've been right there with Carys.

Ave said...

Oh I so wish I could feel sorry for you but I can't....because you got to sleep until 8 a.m. and I haven't gotten to do that in about 4 years! NO FAIR! :) I almost gagged too by the way - hopefully Carys learned her lesson on that one!


Brandy said...

Oh what a fun add to the Mommy resume!
The things that happen to them. I would have been gagging too.