Thursday, August 23, 2007

it's happened

I've finally realized that my darling daughter is growing up. Much quicker than I thought.
Today, I finally bought her a backpack. For school.

Do you see what is wrong with that sentence?? SCHOOL.
And I realize she may not even need a backpack...but she has to have one. Because I said so.
She is three and a half, and I feel like she was just kickboxing my uterine wall last week.
And yet, she starts preschool on September 11.
She is so excited - she asks me all the time:
~ Will I meet new fwends?
~ Will I eat wunch at school?
~ Will you pick me up from school?
~ Do I go to school today? Tomorrow? NOW?

She was so giddy that I let her pick out a princess backpack, complete with a lunchbox!, that she wanted to call Chad in the store. I urged to wait until we got home...and she did. She sprinted from the van to the phone & told me to hurry up & call Daddy.

It's so cute to see her this excited.
I hope she loves her new school as much as she thinks she will!


~NiK~ said...

How cute!! School? Time does fly! Love the picture...

Amanda said...

I am right there with you and not believing it's time for them to go to preschool and then school...course Keely has a few more years....I'm going to send him the year before school....let me know how it goes....I'm sure she'll be's me and you I'm worried about :) :)

amber said...

Abby got the princess backpack also. So sad, so sad.

Christine said...

Is it bad that they are so excited to leave us? LOL, I often wonder that :) What a big girl with her backpack ~ I hope she can use it. We get bags provided so no backpacks...

Brandy said...

Cade is super excited too.
Carys looks so grown up!

Mary said...

OMG...I am having so much fun looking at your pics in your blog...ALL of them are AMAZING---but I just couldn't stop looking at this one! HOW PRECIOUS...SHE IS JUST BEAUTIFUL...I LOVE HER HAIR!! It's soooo pretty....