Friday, August 24, 2007


What a week.
I am so glad it's over.
I've probably yelled talked more this week than I have so far this year...I kid you not. My nerves are just shot.

Ah. And the work week is over. YAY!

I'll just show you some pictures from my two lovely little ladies - the eldest of which reeeeaaaalllyyyy drove me nuts this week.
But we've made up. And we're bestest friends again.

Happy Friday.
Enjoy your weekend!

Cailyn busted her lip. Again. Poor girl.
She was balancing on her sippy cup (!!!) and biffed it.
The Little Lanford Ladies
They stopped pulling each other's hair
long enough for me to take this picture

Carys & the backpack
I tell you - this child is SO happy about
putting things into that pack!

Hee! Cailyn decided she wanted to wear
Carys' panties today. (Relax, they were clean!)
So I put them over her diaper and she was a happy gal!
Oh, what a beautiful baby.
She added "please" to her vocabulary this week.
Melts my heart to hear "pwees" when she wants something.

And my beautiful, happy, life-loving child.
I don't think anything bothers her, really.
She shakes it off & keeps on going...keeps on laughing.
This picture really does sum her all up.


Brandy said...

That picture of them together is making my computer screen melt. What cuties! And I love your new Siggy.
Sorry Cailyn is having a rough time with boo boo's.
Next week will be better {hugs}

Nana said...

I think you need a mommy day.....send them to Nana's for the weekend!!