Thursday, August 30, 2007

Memories for sale!

I am getting ready for a kid's consignment sale - it always slips up on me, so I've been gingerly working on this one for some time now.
Needless to say, the girls' rooms are in complete disarray.

Oh, and I was sitting on the floor of Cailyn's room (it's her room now, not a nursery?!?!?), bawling like a baby, for a few minutes this morning.

While cleaning out both closets, I came across the tiniest little outfits. Outfits that never could have fit my girls. It's inconceivable to me that they were small enough to wear clothing that could fit on one Carys' baby dolls.
Just. Not. Possible.

And it's funny how you forget little moments of your life until something brings it back. I was a flood of emotions this morning -- it was like each little shirt & tiny pair of pants etched a perfect little memory to me. It feels like I'm discarding memories to part with some of this stuff...but then again, I don't need to cram my closets full of clothes and toys that we don't need any longer.

I found Carys' First Christmas nightgown - you know the long gowns for newborns that make it easier to change their dipes at 3am? Yea. I found it. I can remember dressing her in that & her looking so cozy and adorable. We have a ton of pictures from Christmas Eve & Christmas morning with her in that gown. I never wondered where it was - I knew I had it somewhere.

Our first Christmas with her. I told her about it this morning, and she thought it was pretty neat that she could once wear something so tiny.
So, I pulled that outfit out of the sale pile and placed it in a pile for my cousin's new baby. I don't need to hold on to it, but it will make me happy knowing that someone I love can use it.

I found all of the onesies that I dressed Cailyn in this time last year, when she was almost 3 months old. They are just so stinkin' tiny! I remember laughing so hard when we brought her home because I had purchased all new 0-3 month clothes for her...and she didn't really wear many of them because she was so big at birth!

I remember snuggling with her and teaching Carys to handle her new baby sister so gently. She was such a sweetheart. She still is - but she's a toddlin' toddler now, and a baby no more.

I also found a ton of infant clothing with the infamous breast-fed baby blow out stains. Glory be. Those are the worst stains ever. It doesn't come out. Those all went in the trash - but only after I chuckled long & hard about those days & wondered whyintheworld I didn't throw them away before now.

It seems like ages ago. And it also seems like yesterday.

So many chapters of two little lives are stored in crates and cardboard boxes.
And I'm getting rid of them all. Doesn't seem fair. Or right.
So I've told myself I'm not really getting rid of any of it - I'm just trading it.
Trading up. Bigger sizes, bigger memories.


nikki said...

How sweet...

amber said...

I know exactly what you are talking about. Wonderful memories!

Christine said...

I totally get it ~ just went through it all last month :) Bigger sizes, bigger memories, I love it :)

emily said...

I just threw out all the nasty stained onesies from when Brooklyn was little that at the time I thought I would use again. Come on! Totally know about that. You're so right, bigger memories.

Amanda said...

oh my Skye...I'm sitting here boowooing like a baby reading this....thinking of my boys and the memories....and well your last little sentence really helps me out a in for bigger and bigger memories...that's the best thing about this whole mommy thing is we get to be there through all the memories and more. Thanks for that boowoo this afternoon. :) :)

Amanda said...

Seriously,why do we feel so compelled to save everything,even the blowout stained clothes... I made a shadow box of one piece of clothing from each kiddo. I also have a few other random articles in it and it hangs in my hallway upstairs. That has helped me part with the nonsense I don't really need to keep.

Brandy said...

I should really be doing the same thing but I don't want to get rid of everyhing until I know we are finished.
It is SO HARD to part with things. I just sold Cade's Monkey costume and was sad so leaving the post office.
My goal is to get it down to 1 bin of "special" clothes (and other stuff).
*sniff, sniff* why do they have to grow up?

Nikki said...

Love the new layout... :)

phaedra said...

Aww, yeah- I know the feeling... I've finally tucked away just the babes' coming home outfits, to clear the clutter- and tucking away those little sockies and sweet sleepsacks and adorable little dresses and baby overalls made my heart do flip flops. This week my SIL will take away the remaining babyness in preparation for her new baby and while I know I'll not need them again and it's sweet that she will make use of them- I'm afraid to let go because that's it! No more babies! I know it's selfish, but I'm actually glad Liana still sucks her thumb sometimes because I need her to be a baby for a little while longer, as selfish as that sounds. When she does it, I just want to swaddle and hold her again... yum, babies.

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