Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Weekend over already?

Hope you all had a great weekend. We did - but of course, it was over too quickly. Why is that? You have an extra day and it feels like a day was taken from you? (Or at least that's the way it always seems to me!)

We went out to the lake Saturday to see everyone, and ended up staying the night. We hadn't intended to - but it kept getting later & we were having a good time. We were just so worried that poor Zoe was demolishing our laundry room since she'd been cooped up for so long. But, much to our surprise, there were no messes to clean up after being gone for 24 hours. So proud of that little Beagle. (But give me a moment - I'm sure she'll tick me off by the end of the day!)

Grocery shopping Sunday (woo hoo - I know you're excited!)

Nothing on Monday - we were so lazy. And it was blissful.

Carys is most excited that she gets to meet her new teacher in TWO days. We have orientation on Thursday, then she starts school next Tuesday. I'm feeling mixed about it - I know she needs to go and I know she will love it. But I am going to miss her.
I'm hoping that being away from Mommy will give her a new appreciation of me and she will start showing herself with me. (One can hope, right?)

I don't have anything else, really.
The Wee-est Lanford Lady has some new words, and she can successfully pull herself up on the couches without any help. Little monkey.

Oh, I love them to pieces.

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Amanda said...

I love love love love that picture of the two of them. And the Wee-est Landford Lady reminds me so much of my Wee-est Furr Gentleman. Hey maybe they should meet :) :) Glad to hear you had a great weekend.