Wednesday, September 12, 2007

big girl brag

So our second day of school is complete. And she had a great day - a few hiccups, but it was a pretty good day.

I have been drilling her about what she's doing at school - and it's like pulling teeth to get an answer. Everything is "I don't 'member" or "I don't know, Mom." I know, I know...she probably can't remember - she's having too much fun!

But her teacher did tell me today that we should be extremely proud of her. "She's a very smart little girl."
That does make us proud. She is well-behaved, for the most part - I mean, she is three, for heavens sake.

Every two weeks, the kids are supposed to rememberize (I know that's not a real word. It's a Carys word.) a bible verse. If they can recite it after two weeks, they get a special prize. (In this case, it's a Hershey Kiss - but don't tell Carys - she'll rememberize the whole Bible for that!)
Apparently, Carys already knows hers. It's the second day!
Granted, she won't tell me what it is. The only thing she'll say is, "In the 'ginning..." (as in "In the beginning..." - Genesis 1:1, I assume...).
Her vocabulary is pretty large for her age - she says some of the darnedest things!

She also knows her colors (which I knew), and she knows her ABCs; which I also knew. However, I did not know that she can point them out. I also didn't know that she can identify some numbers.
See? We've been doing something right. She knows this stuff. She just doesn't want me to know she knows it. Stinker.

And just so the Wee-est Lanford Lady isn't left out of the brag blog...

Cailyn can identify S-I-X body parts! I was amazed that she picked it up so quickly.
She can also kinda run & she can really kick a ball.
She has an enormous vocabulary too - probably about 30 words right now.
And she is 100% completely interested in going to the potty. When she dirties her diaper lately, she runs to the bathroom & climbs on top of the pot - with her diaper on. (I'm going to wait on that though - but I am excited that she's interested so early - good signs for early PTing maybe?)

Happy Wednesday.


Amanda said...

That's so funny how much alike it sounds like Carys and Keely are....I hope he's fooling me with the letters and numbers thing like Carys..which I think sometimes he is because he knows things he just doesn't want me to know. That's so funny. I'm so happy to hear that everything is going so good at preschool. Really encouraging for me. Thanks.

Nikki said...

Way to go Carys!! I know you guys are very proud of her!

MEMAW & POPPIE said...


Nana said...

Way to go Cai! And, Skye, just so you'll know...."I don't know, mom" means "it doesn't concern you". Goodness! How many times did YOU answer that way to the same question from me?! (aaahhh, finally I am getting some return on the old "one day, when you have kids of your own...." Yea, Carys!

Christine said...

Welcome to the world of pulling teeth out to get info, lol!!! Yeah, still going strong here after 5 years, lol!!! I now ask Zan 5 good things about his day and then I will ask if anything bad happened (thankfully if he is in trouble, he tells me right away). When he was the girls age, I asked for 3 things :) Abby likes doing it because Zan does it so that works for me, lol!!

Brandy said...

I am the same way about trying to get info out of Cade when he comes home.
The other day all he remember was he got to play outside and ate
WTG Cailyn on all the words. Maybe she can get something out of Darcy ;)