Thursday, September 13, 2007

it's a zoo in here!

Well, this one isn't so zoo-ish, but cute. Poor Cailyn - she's battling a nasty end-of- summer cold and I can see four teeth trying to pop thru. She has 12 right I guess she'll be all done pretty soon. At least for a while.
I cannot believe she is 15 months old now. Where did all that time go? She's such a big girl - too fast!

And we have a new family member. If you know me, you know I love turtles. So, I was pretty excited when Chad found this little beauty yesterday during his stroll at work. They're pretty hard to find.
Technically, it's Carys' turtle. But I suppose I'll be taking the major responsibility. I know I will, actually.
She is so cute. And so tiny.
Carys named her Tuck - ala the Wonderpets.
And, Mom, I know you're reading this. So cover your eyes.
The rest of you - have you ever actually seen this before? We have been watching this spider for a few weeks - and we've never seen anything in it's web.
Oh. But today....
Miss Charlotte feasted on a huge grasshopper. I have never seen that before - it's truly amazing. She'd already spun a web around half of the grasshopper. I can imagine that it won't take long for the grasshopper to be completely gone.

I know, I know, it's weird that I took a picture of it. And Carys is at school, so I have no one to share my Wonder of Nature with, so you guys get it on a blog.
And it's not like I spend my days periodically checking on spiders, but this one has chosen to live by the deck and I wonder if it's still there every few days.
Carys is going to be pretty excited when I tell her the Spider finally got something to eat. A few days ago, she wanted to give the Spider some food...she is so sweet. But Mommy wasn't too excited about letting her put something in the web. That's a little too creepy.


Nana said...

AAAGGGHH! Tuck is a cutie, though!

Christine said...

We usually get a spider a year that likes to hang out on our deck. One should be coming is usually early Fall. We really enjoy it, lol! Have fun with tuck :)

Brandy said...

I LOVE turtles! She is adorable!
I would have never guessed she was that small by the first couple pictures.
Ewww about the spider...goosbumps.

emily said...

Oh my that is one monster spider! I like watching our spiders too and wonder when they will score a meal. A grasshopper is quite a feast, and no, I have never seen one eaten by a spider before. Totally cool!

Awe, Tuck is so cute!