Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Little Miss Big Girl

A sweet little milestone.
Last night, Cailyn was trying so hard to tell me something. Complete with pointing & "Oooo! Ahhh! MaMa!!!!!" I asked her to show me, and she led me over to the table.
I was preparing dinner, and she was so hungry. I thought she wanted to get into her highchair - she usually leads me over to her chair, says "Sit!" and points up when she's hungry.
But, no.

She wanted to sit in the booster. At the table!
I really didn't think she was ready for that quite yet. I had visions of her sitting there, getting a little too confident & biffing it with a full-on face plant into the tile floor.
But I sat her there, and watched her squeal with delight. She thought she was such a big girl.
And she did surprisingly well. She ate her dinner, and used her fork like a little pro. That is, until it fell on the floor & Zoe got a few licks in. Crazy me, but my rule of thumb is that once Zoe licks it, it doesn't come back to the table. There was minimal drippage (like my made up words, eh?) and mess-making.

So, I guess it's time to find a new home for her high chair. I'm not 100% convinced we are done with it, but I think her little taste of big girl life last night was enough to make her leave the high chair behind.

Oh, my. What a big girl she is becoming.


Nikki said...

How sweet! Looks like you have girl that knows what she wants...wonder who she got that from? :)

skye said...

You are so fast, Nik! I *just* posted this ! HA! :)

Nana said...

Oh, where did the babies go???? Ok, Skye, don't forget the CANNOT have a empty high chair. Can we consider temporary storage 'til the next one comes along??

amber said...

Awww, that is so sweet! Emma moved to the table a lot faster than Abby did. I found that in the long run, it was easier to have her there with everyone than a little bit away in the high chair.

Brandy said...

We have been scooting Darcy in the bottom part of the high chair up to the table. Not the same as a full out booster though.
Her little feet under the table are so cute!
I was also taking it as keeping the high chair there for the next one ;)

Christine said...

So bittersweet!! She is sitting up there like a big girl so proud!! I say put the highchair away ~ we did it pretty early with Abby, just after her 1st birthday.

Amanda said...

Oh my gosh Skye!! Seriously where has the time gone?!? Jake and Kiera are not in boosters yet,I need to buy 2 more chairs first!!!

nikki said...

oh nana...that's a good rule!! too funny!!!