Monday, October 8, 2007

Cailyn's new BFF

Cailyn has a new fascination.
With Maisy....or "Maimy!" as she says it.Turns out that Maisy is not quite as big here as in the UK - where they have Maisy gifts galore. There are a few places in the US that sell Maisy stuff online - so we may have to do that when Christmas gets a little closer.
It's just so sweet to hear her chant "Maimy! Maimy! Maimy!" when the show comes on. Surely she needs her very own Maisy doll to love on, right? Right!


emily said...

We were big Maisy fans around here, she just gets forgotten now and then. We even have a big Maisy stuffy that I just pleaded with Brooklyn if we could send it to Cailyn, but she declined : ( I guess we're stuck with her. The movies and books are pretty cute imo.

Amanda said...

That is so sweet...I totally agree that she needs some Maisy stuff...she's so sweet.

Nana said...

Nana will make sure that Cai gets all the Maisy she (Mom) can handle. Can we say 77 days 'til Christmas???

Amanda said...

Savannah watches Maisy every morning. My early riser. I think Maisy is adorable!