Wednesday, October 10, 2007

curls, shots, and wrestling sissies

I am LOVING this weather today. It finally feels like Fall!!! It makes me so excited that our 90 degree days may be behind us for now - at least until the week of Halloween - it's always hot around her for Halloween.

Not much going on this week. Carys has had an amazing week at school - she's done so well. We're extra proud of her!
She's really enjoying her new bike skills - she asks to ride her bike all the time now, which makes us so happy. She actually rode it (with a few pushes from me here & there) all the way down the street. That's a long haul for a novice rider. And she did really well.

Cailyn had her 16-month shots on Tuesday. She did well at the ped's office - she only cried for a minute, bless her little heart. But that night...oh my goodness. Her little legs were sore, and she kept touching them & crying "Boo-boo! Mommy - boo boo!" So, she was ultra clingy, ultra weepy, ultra runny-nosey, feverish, and very sleepy. She's feeling better today, but she slept like all day yesterday.

I snapped this picture of her the other night, before bath time. Look at those curls! Proof of a fun day playing outside - her hair kinks right up in the humidity. And sweat makes a wonderful hair curling solution.

Riding her bike.
There's nothing like a priss-pot in a green dress, and Spiderman shoes, huh?
She is a mess!

Wrestling on the couch before their bath.

They have been having a lot of fun together lately, which makes me so happy. Their favorite thing to do is play in Carys' room a lot, and it always ends with jumping on the bed - which is a BIG no-no. I guess I have to keep drilling that rule into them because they're just not getting it!


Nana said...

So sweet! "My" beautiful girls are growing up. Hope Miss Cai is feeling better today!

Amanda said...

Carys looks so beautiful in her dress, Oh my gosh those curls!!! It's always hot my way on Halloween too!

Brandy said...

Girls look so cute with pig tails. And Carys with ehr Spiderman shoes. LOVE IT! Looks like you can't get her off the bike now.