Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Punkin Patch

Okay. So, I apologize for being a lazy blogger. Time just got a way from me. And *poof*, before I knew it, two weeks has passed. In all honesty, I sat down to blog a few times, but I've been slack on taking pictures, and I haven't had anything to say, really.
Unless you like to hear about diaper contents, diabetic recipes, and kid-friendly fall craft ideas.

Now I have pictures!
Carys had her first official school field trip yesterday (official as in - if your kid wants to go, you have to take them because there is no school bus!). Cailyn & I tagged along and we had a wonderful time. Although, it figures that the only day in the entire month of October that we get rain is the exact same day of the field trip. Blah! We went anyway. Got a little wet, but nothing to cry about. It was fun. And a little muddy.

Unfortunately. we were not the only school group there, so we had to wait. A lot. Wait for everything. (Except the bathroom, which was very fortunate for us!)

We went thru the hay maze.
I had to answer "Why is this corn purple?" about a million times.
We listened to a story about how pumpkins grow.
We fed the goats (and promptly sanitized our hands!).
Some of these things we did multiple times before we could ride on the darn tractor and pick out a pumpkin.

We were the last group to get on the tractor, and by that time, it had started to rain.
Figures. It drizzled when we got there, and then didn't rain again until it was our turn in the patch.
Oh well. We picked a pumpkin quickly & headed back to the van.
On the slooooowwww tractor ride back, we noticed that everyone else had left.
So...Carys was pretty upset that she couldn't have a picnic with her friends as we had planned. She had helped me pack our lunch the night before and made extra things for her friends. It was sweet of her, and I was so disappointed for her that it didn't turn out the way she'd hoped.
So, Mommy did what mommies do best. I improvised. Turns out, there was another little girl just as disappointed as Carys - so I parked the van next to theirs and we had a van picnic. Carys was thrilled, and Cailyn thought it was fun to eat in the van (which they're not allowed to do because hello!?!? It's still under warranty, so no food stains, please!)

Cailyn, checking out the farmer's wares.
Check out her curls! I'm convinced her hair will be like Carys'...

Cailyn, sorting rocks.
We had to wait our turn quite a bit &
this is how she chose to pass the time.
Carys & her first little man, E.
E's not in her class, which is probably a good thing.
They are so much a like. We joke that they should have been twins.
My big girl.
Who will be FOUR in less than 2 months.

Posing with her cowboy hat.

Feeding the goats.
Finally on the tractor to pick her pumpkin.
And then the raindrops came....Cailyn didn't know what was going on.
She was just overdue for a nap - but she was good, despite that fact.And that's not chocolate on her face. It's mud. From the rocks.
Mmmmm. Tasty.

And here they are; my punkins picking their punkin.
We were trying to find a green one, but since we were the last ones out to the patch, we didn't have any luck. Maybe next year.

Poor Cailyn - she was determined to pick up that pumpkin. It just didn't work out in her favor. Those shorts were removed promptly because they were covered in mud....

Anyway, despite the rain, the over-packed picnic basket and the constant waiting game, we had a good time. Carys was very disappointed that we weren't going back again today. Geesh. I don't think I could go back again today. Maybe in another 365 days, kiddo...


Nik said...

Finally...a NEW post!! Yippee!! A real field exciting! I just love Carys's little grin...and Cailyn's curls...too cute! Carys reminds me so much of you...especially in the 2nd pic w/E...that look is 100% a Skye look... :)

Nana said...

You said it Niki! That Carys is Skye all over again! They are too, too, beautiful to believe! And, I have been saying that Cai is just like her daddy, and then, I swear, there she is....eating rocks. What did I tell ya??

you are forgiven for the slack bloggin' Skye....the pix are worth the wait!

Anonymous said...

Weren't Carys' shorts white before the field trip? And, Nana, the reason I have to eat rocks is because your daughter doesn't cook. Just kidding. Skye is a great cook and she even waits for me to get home before eating dinner no matter how late I am.


skye said...

Aw, that was sweet Chad.

Amanda said...

Too bad about the rain Skye. It looks like a great time. There will be many,many more field trips to look forward to.

Amanda said...

They are so precious...and Carys looks such like a big girl in the picture with the hat on...I know your feeling when you saying you can't believe she's going to be 4 in two months...Our little babies are growing up.

Brandy said...

What a cute couple ;)
Cailyn sure is getting a lot of curls now. It is crazy that our kiddo's will be turning four so soon.

Anonymous said...

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