Thursday, October 11, 2007

16 months

Cailyn is 16 months old today. 1 year, and 4 months.

She is leaving babyhood far, far behind, which blows my mind.
She walks so well, and runs pretty good.
She eats everything I put in front of her - she's not picky at all (yet).
She uses a fork and a spoon better than Carys does, at times!
She talks all the time, and we understand most of it.
She is so sweet, and randomly doles out hugs & kisses.
She loves her big sister, and I love it when they play well together.
She's just started sleeping really well again - which makes us tremendously happy!
She sings and dances, and loves Maisy mouse.
She loves to brush her teeth, and take showers. (crazy, I know!)
And she's little cuddle bear.

I look back at pictures from this time last year , and cannot believe the changes.
She was bald!
She was just starting baby food, and she was learning to sit upright.
She was still nursing.
She was sleeping through the night every night - which feels like ages ago!
So many changes in a year - it's so bittersweet.


Nana said...

Happy 16 months Cailyn! No bottles, baby food, sleepless nights, carrying around, nursing, babble-interpreting....So, Skye....what are you doing with all of your newly-rediscovered "free" time??

skye said...

What is this "free time" you speak of? You mean the time I should be doing lauundry instead of blogging? ;)

Christine said...

they do grow so fast!!! and change so much!! I was looking at pictures of Zan from his birthday just 9 months ago and what a difference!! She sounds like such a sweet easy going babe!! Oh ~ Abby has and still does love brushing teeth and showers too ;)

amber said...

I know what you mean about looking back at them a year ago. It is so sad how fast they grow up. Cute pictures!

Amanda said...

Carson it's better with a fork and spoon then Keely most of the time too...that's so funny....

Brandy said...

I keep thinking the same thing about Darcy. They do grow so fast. Thats why after skipping a week on the blog it is so critical to update ;)
I think back to when you were pregnant and not sure if her name would be spelled Cailin or Cailyn. Boy has the time flown.