Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Adventures in Dental Hygiene

Meet Peter Parker.
Oh, yes, as in the SpiderMan Peter Parker.

Peter Parker is a replacement new member of our family. Just as I was starting to boast about not killing Nemo (the blue Beta we've had since November 2005), he died. And I, unknowingly of course, killed him. It wasn't on purpose, and I was quite shocked when I realized that I should not place an open fish bowl next to a poinsettia. Didn't cross my mind. After all, fish don't know it's Christmas.
So, in hind sight, it wasn't a great idea. And Nemo must have feasted upon a few fallen pieces of poinsettia.
Ala Rudy Huxtable, the girls & I flushed Nemo.
So now we have Peter Parker. And, just so you know, Carys is quite obsessed with SpiderMan. Everything is SpiderMan. Everything.
And she's obsessed with weddings - so if she can figure out how to have a SpiderMan-inspired wedding with a bright pink dress, she'll be a happy camper.

Onto the dental visit.
I know, I know. You can't believe I took pictures of Carys at the dentist. I debated. But I did it anyway. A little girl only goes to the dentist for the first time one time, you know? And she was SO excited. We'd been talking it up to her, and she had equated the dentist with a trip to ToysRUs.
My mom & I? Not so thrilled to go to the dentist. That's because we know things...things that sound like dental drills and that weird feeling when your mouth's been doused with Novocaine. And yes, we all went. The same day. Those poor dental hygienists! But they were fantastic with us - all of us - even Cailyn!

Here's Carys, before the cleaning. She was a little nervous, but ready to see if she would make it into the No Cavity Club... Counting & scrubbing those teeth. She was such a trooper. She was so good - I was extremely proud of her.
All done! She has perfect teeth, and was an excellent first-time patient. She was so proud of her new toothbrush & dental goodies. I hope she stays as enthusiastic about dental hygiene!

Tomorrow we head to Baptist Hospital to meet with yet another doctor. We're hoping this is the last phase in the deciding-on-a-treatment process. We're still waiting to hear from Duke - which I hope will be any day now.

That's all for this week - so far. It's only Tuesday - so I'm still optimistic.
There's a good chance I've killed yet another houseplant.
Keep your fingers crossed that Peter Parker can survive his first week in the Lanford Household.


Sip said...

i was thinking - how does sitting next to a poinsettia kill a fish!!! lol. i was just about to google it when you said he feasted on fallen pieces...

my cat eats everything, including toilet paper, battery cords (while plugged into the wall - that was a fun one - i was working from home, ignoring his yelping for food, so he bit my laptop cord and it shorted out - i had to call my boss: "my cat at the battery cord so when my battery dies, i'm off")...needless to say, i dont have ANY houseplants (he used to pull the leaves off my rubber tree) and i've certainly never been able to have a poinsettia!

Anonymous said...



emily said...

I never would have put that together either; that a poinsettia could kill a fishy. I think Peter Parker is an awesome name for a fish. I think he'll make a decent replacement.

WTG Carys at the dentist!

Linda said...

Cool name for the fish!

I took pics of Laura at the dentist too! ha!

Chris said...

That is very cute. Steven was actually just found to have his first cavity, so when he goes this week to get that done, Amy is going to take pictures as well. There are only so many firsts and I am bound and determined to get them all on film!! (or a memory card) Glad to hear you are all doing well. Hope to see you guys soon.

Brandy said...

So sorry about Nemo. Maybe it was just his time. I am not sure how long they live.
Carys looks so cute sitting there smiling. WTG Carys on a good report :)
I am hoping to take a picture of Cade like that tomorrow (if he doesn't give me goofy faces).

leigh said...

I should have hyped up the dentist before we went. Good job.

Sorry to hear about the fish. Good luck with the new one.

My nephew was obsessed with Spiderman for years! Seriously, from the time he was about 4 until he was about 14!