Friday, January 4, 2008

First week of 2008 over - YIKES!

This is what happens when Santa brings my kiddos chocolate and I forget to put it in a place where little hands can find it....
She unwrapped & ate about five pieces before my Mommy-Senses figured out it was way too quiet in the house & she must be up to something.
I asked her if she had a treat - and she shook her head no, several times. Poor child. She doesn't know about destroying evidence yet. I'm sure she'll learn that from Carys in time though.

She's not feeling too hot these days. She's been a real grouch - fevers, lack of appetite, not sleeping well (ha! She NEVER sleeps well). She seems to be a bit better today, so I'm hoping the trend continues as it's supposed to be fairly nice this weekend.

My mom bought Carys a Butterfly Habitat for Christmas. Talk about excited! Carys loved our callapilla to butterfly project in the Spring. Yesterday, we received the caterpillars in the mail. We should have beautiful butterflies in a few weeks.

The habitat, in the middle picture, is made of mesh & is large enough for the butterflies to flutter around in after they emerge. Since it's cold, they will have to spend their life cycle in there - which is only about 4 weeks. I had no idea it was that short!

My beautiful girl.
She's had a time this week! She went back to school on Wednesday and was so excited to see her friends. She had a great week and is already talking about what she'll learn next week.
But....she has another icky ear infection! We have been battling this same infection since November 1. It hasn't ever really cleared up since then. So, we're armed with a hefty antibiotic and I'll be making an appointment with an ENT. Her pediatrician is concerned about possible hearing loss in her right ear since this infection has gone on for so long - and it's highly likely that her eardrum ruptured in the last few days.

Cailyn is in love with her new baby dolls. She feeds them & loves them like any good little mommy. But then she chucks it across the room. Thankfully, the doll is plastic, or I might have to call Social Services.
Sisterly love, at its finest. Carys loves a little too hard. Cailyn screams. Story of our lives.

They were playing really well today - it was priceless. For the most part, they get along really well. But Cailyn doesn't seem to realize she's still a little nugget - and she can't hang with her big sister all the time. Soon, though.
They insist on taking naps together in Carys' bed. But we always have to separate them because no napping occurs. It's a lot of babbling and giggling.

Cailyn's hair is really growing, although I wish it would fill in some. She has these random straggly pieces, and curls in the back. A baby mullet at its finest, I guess.

And I can't leave Chad out of a blog post!

We had a meeting with the neurologist yesterday to discuss the MRI results. NO growth! That's great news for now.
So now we have all the pieces we need to get a foot in the door at Duke, hopefully. We're keeping our fingers crossed that we'll hear from them soon.
We head to Baptist Hospital next Wednesday for our first meeting them.

Otherwise, Chad's back to work. Things are getting back to pseudo-normal.
All you lucky co-workers. He's baaaaaaaack! I know you missed him. I got to listen to all his crazy jokes and smart remarks for the last few weeks...and I don't mind sharing them with you. At all. I'm kidding.
It's been weird not having here. Quiet, especially with Carys in school too. Just me & the Wee One - we've got a lot of catching up to do!

And a special shout out to Jessica K. -- THANK YOU for filling our freezer with delicious meals. It's a blessing not to have to worry about cooking!


amber said...

Those pictures are too cute. Love Cailyn getting into the candy.

I hope that Carys' ear infection clears up really soon. Poor little thing.

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Amanda said...

Cailyn's hair has's so cute..she looks like a big girl...That's great news from the MRI too....Your girls are beautiful...

Brandy said...

I love all the pictures. Theone of them in the bed together made me laugh. They are both so cute!
ps. every time I see that diaper commercial with the baby dancing I think of Cailyn.