Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tubes it is

Carys was such a trooper at the ENT. She let Dr. Brown look into her ears a few times, and her nose, and her throat.
She wanted to hold my hand as her chair lifted up a bit. And she looked at me each time the doctor or nurse asked her a question. At first, I thought she was checking with me about the answer she should give -- she wants the reassurance that she should respond lately.
But, I soon realized she wasn't hearing what they were saying.

Poor girl. She has some mild hearing loss in both ears, but more significantly in her right. Her ear drum has ruptured (but has healed itself), leaving some scar tissue in her right ear. Dr. Brown seems to think she has had these infections way before she turned three, which is when she was first diagnosed with an actual ear infection. She has a pretty high pain tolerance for such a little girl, and it's likely she's just dealt with the pain in the past. That just makes me want to take off my shiny Badge of Motherhood!
I've read articles in different magazines that kids can have ear infections without showing any real symptoms. But I never believed any of it. My child? I know everything about my child! And besides, she was breastfed...like forevah! Breastfed babies don't get ear infections, right? Right!!!

She had a hearing test while we were there, and it definitely showed some abnormal results. I've been concerned over the last week or so about her hearing. Something just wasn't right. Hopefully, the tubes will fix the hearing problem. When you couple her speech issues with her ear issues, it opens up a whole new can of worms.

We don't have the surgery date yet. I am a lot less apprehensive about it than I was before since our neighbor's little girl just had tubes put in. I know it's a common procedure, but just the thought of putting my child under anesthesia...yikes!
I can't wait until it's all over & she's my spunky little chicken again. It's just not the same around here when she's under the weather. Sure, it's quiet. But it's too quiet.


Nikki said...

I'm sure the tubes will help. Are't ENT's the best? I love mine...since he took out my tonsils...I only wish I would have had it done sooner! :)

Amanda said...

Poor Carys...I know exactly how you are feeling about putting your baby under...we got tubes for both of the boys 6 months ago at the same time, same day..talk about stressful. They have done great this winter with them...only one ear infection for Carson since we've had them. She'll do great and you'll be so glad that she got them once it's over.

Aunt Carmen said...

Poor Carys. But now you know about the problem and I'm sure tubes will fix it and her hearing will greatly improve as well as her speech issues. She is a tough little girl and I know she will do fine. Give her a kiss for me!(I'm sure you could use a hug too!)

Rachael said...

Honey, POLISH your Mother of the Year Badge, and wear it proudly.
:-) JLo had TWO teeth pulled yesterday, and I think the reflection from my OWN MOTY badge blinded the dentist.

Nana said...

Carys is a trooper....she will do just fine!(mommy & daddy will need the hugs)As for that MOTY badge, I'm with rachael....wear it proudly. Along with the others: Wife of the Year, Daughter of the Year, Sister of the Year......shall I go on????