Thursday, January 24, 2008

What's your favorite color?

Today, mine is pink.

A few days ago, I said out loud, "Self, I think Carys may have pink eye." It was kinda goopy.
The very next morning, we went to the ENT & left with an Rx for an antibiotic. Her eye was a little goopy that day...but was much better by dinner time. I wrote it off as a fluke. A touch of the pink eye, I guess.

Fast forward to this morning.
Cailyn wakes up by slapping me in the face (yes, she still wanders to our bed & thanks to my BFF Ambien, I don't realize she's there until morning. That's a whole other post, I tell you...). I take her into her room to change her diaper, and she totally freaks out.
I look closer, as she's screaming & rubbing her eye like a maniac.
She can't OPEN it. Nasty nasty nasty.
You know what I said? "Self, I think Cailyn has pink eye."

I take Carys to school, and auto-dialed the pediatrician....while driving to my own eye check-up.
Grrrrreat. Just what I need. I look into the rear view & notice MY eye is noticeably pinker than it was this morning....I thought my eyes were just red from my contacts. Because, well...they're always red.

Cailyn & I go to an unnamed super center (rhymes with Schmal-Mart - I won't share the name of it so they can sue me for maybe rubbing eye fungus on their shopping cart). CaiCai is chatting & talking to everyone - and people are responding. Until they notice her goopy eye. Then they look at me like I'm crazy for bringing her out in public and leap back 3 feet.
Goodness. She's not Kazimoto!

And, just for the record, we had to go out. Had to.
I even took in my hand sanitizer and sanitizing wipes to wipe the cart down into Schmal-Mart. Both before & after we used it because Ewww!!! Do you know what kinds of germs are on those shopping carts?!?!?


Christine said...

UGH!!!! Did you get drops?? I hope that it clears up for you guys soon!!! HUGS!

Aunt Carmen said...

Nothing says love like sharing! You are smart to wipe down those shopping carts. I do the same thing. Who needs everyone elses nasties? Hope you all are better real soon!

Emily said...

That stuff is so nasty contagious. You can catch it from 10 feet away I swear.But thankfully it clears up quick. I wonder how many people you infected at that super store : ) Gotta love those carts!

Amanda said...

Pink eye!! Something I have never had to experience. Hope it clears up,FAST!!!!
Ambien,it's been recommended..
And switching kitchens?? I think you will have a greater appreciation for you light cabinents and green countertops once you catch wind of mine;-)