Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Turns out....

Cailyn is not, indeed, well. I don't know what kind of funk she picked up this time, but the pink eye is back. And with a fever. And a pretty nasty case of muddy butt (like that? It's a term I coined myself.)

She ultra-clingy, more so than usual anyway.
And cranky.
And tired.
And cranky.

I usually don't get too upset about a fever unless it's really high, or unless it makes the girls feel/act weird. Typically, they act fine. They're just lucky enough to always have high fevers. They don't mess with that 99 degree reading - it's 102+ or bust, baby.

Poor Nana gets to hang out with the sickie child and the non-sickie child tomorrow while I play chauffeur and attend my own appointments.
Sorry Nana. I don't plan for one of my kids to get sick when you're around them. It just always tends to happen that way...


Aunt Carmen said...

I'm sorry the sickies are back!
I'm sure Nana loves being with the girls sick or not.You are blessed to have such a good Mom and Nana!Good Luck with your appointment and I hope Cailyn is feeling better real soon.

Emily said...

It happens that way around here too. The girls are scheduled to be with Grandma and they get sick.

Hope the fever breaks soon!

Christine said...

Awww....I hope that they are feeling better!!!

amber said...

Oh, poor thing. I hope she feels better soon! And we also have the term "mud butt". HA!