Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Mommy mumbles

The Lanford Household is well again.
No pink eye.
Still an ear infection, but Carys is handling it pretty well. She goes in on Friday morning for tubes, but no adenoid removal right now. (Yay!)

Chad's doing great. Still nothing to report, but hopefully soon.

I'm doing pretty well. I have my dreaded endocrinologist appointment tomorrow. I don't know why I hate going, but I dread it every time I make my follow-up appointment. We're supposed to be talking about getting an insulin pump...but this is my first visit with a new doctor at the practice. Blahblahblah! Who knows what we'll actually get accomplished besides the paperwork.

Anyway....I haven't been taking pictures lately because I've been too darn lazy. I promise that my children are still here, even though you haven't had any pictures to prove it lately.

And I've really been enjoying the girls the last few days. Carys has been on Leapster probation for a few days. She lost one of her games, which made me crazy until I found it in an unlikely place - the kitchen in Cailyn's room. She got it back yesterday, and she was tickled pink.
Yesterday, we went in for her per-op appointment, and she was so quiet and focused. Dr. Brown came in, told us all the side effects to expect. He got up to go & Carys got a perplexed look on her face. "Mommy, where are my tubes? Dr. Brown is leaving, and I don't have my tubes yet!"
I have just started to break the news to her about the procedure, but I guess I wasn't clear that it was happening Friday. She is excited that her ear is going to feel better - she keeps saying, "Dr. Brown is going to fix my ears, Mommy!"

Cailyn is at a really sweet age right now. She wants to kiss & "hold tight" (hug) all the time. She loves to just sit in my lap for the heck of it (which always requires a blanket for some reason). She's sleeping a bit better, which is great news for Chad & I.
Of course, she's also on the verge of terrible two's, so I'm waiting for that to kick in. She has her moments, but she's mostly a sweetie.

Have a good Wednesday!


Aunt Carmen said...

Glad to hear your pink eye has cleared up. Sounds like you are going to be busy with doctor's appointments too! I'm sure Carys will do fine with her procedure.I hope it's not too long before everyone is well.
Love you guys!

Amanda said...

Skye I know exactly how you feel about the Endo appts.,I dread mine each and everytime. I hate going and I hate getting the bloodwork results,even though I have been doing this for, four years now.
Glad everyone is on the mend.