Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Learning to destroy evidence

I heard a little munchkin take the lid off the candy dish. And then I heard her shuffle to her hiding corner (which doesn't conceal her in any way, but she thinks we can't see her).

I peek around the corner, to see her shoving something into her mouth at lightening fast speed.

Me: Cailyn, did you get some candy?
Cailyn: (still with nose in corner, a wrapper at her feet) No, Mommy. (chew, chew, chew)

Me: Can Mommy see what's in your mouth?
She nods her head.
And backs up.
Then she looks at me.

Who knew what a mess one little Hershey Kiss could make.


Anonymous said...

Notice anyone in the background? I'm sure big sister had a hand in the mischievousness either directly or indirectly.


Nana said...

Oh, I can surely see that conversation: "Hey, sissy- want some candy? Go get one. And get one for me, too."
Gotta love those kisses!

Brandy said...

Oh I believe her. I don't see anything wrong with that picture ;)

amber said...

Oh my word, she cracks me up!

Beth said...

That is great!! I think there should be a trial with a jury of HER peers!!!