Friday, February 8, 2008

Round 1, Nearly Done

Today is day 5 of Chad's first round of Temodar (chemo). Despite being sick Monday night, he's done very well the rest of the week.
Round 1 is nearly complete. Five more rounds to go.

We made the appointment for his MRI in May - which is when we'll find out if the chemo is working. Until then, life goes on.

We've come to the point in Toddlerhood where Cailyn is interested in what happens in bathrooms. I'm not pushing it, but I do let her sit on the potty if she asks. She did tinkle once in the potty last week, and we did the happy dance....but I know it was a fluke. Still, she was excited. And a bit confused as to what happened.
So, I've added "Potty Watch" to my daily routine. She just sits there, for often 30 minutes, and reads or babbles to herself. It's great fun to sit beside her & constantly remind her that: we don't put our hands in the potty, we don't eat toilet paper, and we certainly don't decide to scream "PEE PEE!" at the top our lungs unless there is, in deed, something in the potty. It's great fun, I tell ya!

Carys is feeling much better. She has been out of sorts this week, but seems much better now that we have some antibiotics in her system for the sinus infection. Her ears still look might yucky, and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that they start to look better soon too.
She's very excited about Valentine's Day next week. Everyone is her "best sweetheart I've ever seen" lately, so she'll (I'll) have a lot of valentines to make this weekend.

We successfully got Carys to eat eggplant last night, just by telling her it was special yummy chicken & she better not eat it. Worked like a charm. She'll try anything as long as we tell her it's some form of chicken...and if she asks, ALL vegetables have secret candy in them that makes you big & strong like her friend Hannah. (That little fib is true, if you like to call vitamins "candy", which I do. Doesn't everyone?)

Happy Friday. Blog to you soon!

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