Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Another round of chemo

Chad started his second round of chemo last night. We expected this round to be a little more interesting than last time, since his dose was increased by 50%.
And we were right. Unfortunately.
But it still wasn't as bad as it could have been. Temodar makes him sick to his stomach. The anti-nausea drug makes him have terrible headaches.
One of those 'darned if you, darned if you don't' situations, I suppose.

For five consecutive days, beginning the first Monday of each month, he takes a Temodar cocktail. And, if I have my say about it, his anti-nausea medication too.

We're really anxious to see what effect these drugs are having on the tumors.
Round Two will be over before we know it, and so will Rounds Three, Four & Five. And then we'll have some real news to share.


Nana said...

Hang in there. You are closer to the end of this treatment than you were a month ago!

Aunt Carmen said...

We all have our fingers crossed that you and Chad will have some good news after this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you across the miles!
Love Ya
Aunt Carmen

Meg said...

Hugs & Prayers