Monday, March 10, 2008

Round over

So this round of chemo was a lot more interesting. Chad was pretty sick this first day, nauseous. As the week went on, his nausea grew. He took his last dose Friday night, and still felt terrible until Saturday evening. He was so hungry, but didn't really feel like eating. Nausea is such a nasty feeling.
And his immunity is pretty stripped - so here comes another cold. Bless his heart.
He never got sick before chemo started - he had a cold maybe once or twice a year. But since he's started this medication schedule, he's had the flu, a sinus infection, two colds, and pink eye. All within a few weeks. It's crazy.

We're lucky, though, that he gets to have his treatments at home. We can't imagine how difficult things would be if he had to travel to the Cancer Center and receive IV chemo every day. I'm sure he would be sicker than he has been.

SO, now we're in the recovery stage for three weeks until the next dose. We're not sure what the next dose will be, but we're sure it will increase from 450mg to 550mg - or something like that.
We'll know more when he has bloodwork in two weeks to test his red blood counts.

More waiting. It's all we seem to do these days!


Anonymous said...

Hugs Skye (and Chad). Unfortunately, I know first hand about this. I hope his recovery period will find him feeling better.


Christine said...

Many Hugs to Chad!! I just cant imagine. PT's coming your way!

Amanda said...

I'm thinking and praying for you all...ya'll are so strong.

Aunt Carmen said...

I'ts good Chad has a little reprieve between rounds. I hope he feels better. Lots of hugs and kisses for you all!

phaedra said...

Thinking of you guys always!!

Brandy said...

Poor guy. I know you have had a rough new year with sickness and you are the one handing out all the hugs, juice and Lysol. Spring is on it's way and hopefully bringing better health.
Always praying for you all!