Thursday, March 27, 2008

Let me catch you up on the last two weeks....

I know, I know, I almost forgot to blog today. Even though I promised...
It's 11:40pm, so I still have 20 minutes, technically.
One of my favorite blogs has introduced me to a new blogging regimen. Which is great for me, since I so frequently run out of sentences to keep everyone entertained.

This month is LIST month, per NaBloPoMo.
And I have basically missed a good chunk of the month. Oh well, you can't win them all...

So, ala Dave Letterman, here is the list of things we've been doing since I last posted a real blog post.

1. Eating large quantities of pudding.
Chocolate, only.
With whipped cream. (Like there's any other way to eat it?!?!)
Outside on the deck because it's beautiful here in sunny North Carolina most days!2. Attend the beautiful wedding of our dear friends Amber & Peyton.
Oh, yes, they finally got married.
We got dressed up & schtuff.

3. We hunted eggs.
We found eggs.
We ate chocolate.
We ate other candy.
We just...ate. A lot.
Oh, and I snapped this cutie of Carys at an Easter shin-dig we went to.

4. My dearest Chad got permission to DRIVE!
It's probationary; so only to & from work.
It's step in the right direction -- you know, to getting our life back!

5. Cailyn has lost yet another shred of babyhood.
No more baby swing, folks.
She refuses to sit in it & says, "No Mommy. Big Girl!"
I know, I know.
(And you know I have a picture to commemorate this little achievement, but I can't find it! Here's one at the Egg Hunt instead -- Carys scoping Cailyn's loot...)

6. Carys was on Spring Break this week.
Which means I didn't have to get up early, fix breakfast, get dressed & take her to school.
I got to sleep in! It was bliss.
Back to the grindstone next week, when I must start my coffee IV drip to sustain me.
Oh, and I have to get back to work....
I've been napping with the girls this week instead of working. (Shhhhhh! Don't tell!)


nikki said...

You've had a busy week! The girls are just precious...but you know that. Congrats to Chad...I know he's ready to drive again. We still need to get together...I owe you a lunch!

Rachael said...

Yay for Chad!! Glad Easter was a chocolate filled success!

Christine said...

Skye you are looking beautiful my friend!! Excellent that Chad can drive!! Looks like you had a wonderful Easter (I almost said Christmas?!?!? WTF?!?!)

Emily said...

Welcome back from your blogging hiatus, you've been missed. You're looking great in the wedding pic, and I love the one of Carys on the stairs too looking so grown up.

Brandy said...

You guys look great! Congrat's on the okay to start driving again. That's wonderful.
I need some more entertaining blog help.
Your new look is really cute and springy.